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Garlic, female Meditite
Bio: When Shiro was practically drowning in self-pity, Garlic appeared in attempt to help her get over the pain. She decided to hang around after Shiro cheered up, and has been serving as a bit of an emotional crutch ever since. Named for her love of garlic, not for her appearance.
Pokeball: Standard
Ability: Pure Power
Nature: Gentle
Mood: 69
Level: 8
Moves by Level Up: Bide(1), Meditate(4), Confusion(7)
Moves by TM:--
Moves by Training:--
Moves by Birth: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
Moves by Happiness:--

Pendant, male Hoppip
Bio: Shiro encountered this fellow stuck in a tree not even a full minute after receiving her first quest. He repaid her attempt to get him out by nabbing an important quest piece and flying off, and then running into trouble with a group of poachers. He decided to join Shiro without a fight after she helped him out of that scrape as well.
Named after what he stole upon their first meeting.
Pokeball: Standard
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Jolly
Mood: 31
Level: 5
Moves by Level Up: Splash(1), Synthesis(4), Tail Whip(5)
Moves by TM: --
Moves by Training:--
Moves by Birth: Seed Bomb
Moves by Happiness:--

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