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Jellicent Where are you going? Where have you been?

The door of the Secret Base opens to reveal its owner, who greets them excitedly and asks as to how they've been. Aislyn returns the greeting by sashaying up to Hyrem's hand, nuzzling it gently as if to encourage him to provide some affection. Her regal partner bows respectfully, addressing the trainer in human language; "Sir Hyrem, it is such a pleasure to see you once again. You seem to have grown since last we've laid eyes on you! I do hope you have been eating well in my absence, ohohohoho~" A twinkle sparks in the Jellicent's eye. "Indeed, I have grown a touch, myself."

The large blue jellyfish begins to present his gift, but at the mention of Marion, he freezes. Aislyn, too, despite her perpetual and intense warmth, seems to momentarily grow cold. The pair of Pokemon look out in the distance, as if scanning the horizon for anyone following them, before exchanging a meaningful glance, deep with an emotion that seems difficult to discern. Bedivere eventually breaks the glance and looks back down at Hyrem, and though his smile remains plastered on his face, his jolly demeanor seems slightly shaken.

"Sir Hyrem... May we come in?"
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