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Round 3: Pokemon Tower Defense

>looks at orders

With both Pokemon being given orders that basically equate to "hit your opponent with two moves that are STAB and ranged" Emi is a sad panda. The Ninjask is the first one to start off, furiously blowing a wind at his opponent that's sparkly and looks like what you would get when you bedazzle a gust of wind. He also tries to rise into the air a little bit although he doesn't get too much height because he's also attacking. At the same time, Cannon wants to also attack and charges up energy in one of his little cannons, a steel ball of energy forming in front of him. While the wind hits him first, it doesn't stop his attack from going off, a bright beam of energy shooting forwards and slamming into Buzz Buzz, doing a nice bit of damage. Fairly standard stuff here, nothing more to see.

Buzz Buzz speeds ahead, planting himself behind his opponent although considering he's facing an armored sphere, Cannon literally just spins around to face his foe. Both begin charging attacks up, although Bug Buzz does his a bit noticeably sooner than his opponent, both Pokemon charging up Bug energy. It's almost like they are doing the exact same thing. Buzz Buzz releases an awful sounding noise in front of him, the soundwaves being tinged with buggy energy, while Cannon fires off a beam of energy in front of him, the multi-colored beam passing harmlessly through the rings of energy, both attacks striking their opponent. While they haven't done anything to seperate the distance between them, both are looking pretty tired.

Both Pokemon are still neck and neck in health and energy, both coming close to the second third on both. Both want a break.
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