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Like Kamen said, Magic!Rock Slide is a Rock-type exclusive. Also you didn't order it. =w=

Annoyed by the buzzing insect who has repeatedly foiled his plans again and again, even though it was really only one round, Cannon the Forretress decides to live to his name. Steel energy forms in front of one of his cannons as he aims at the Ninjask, who has other plans. He coats his body with a pink aura of energy, this energy having a lot of we even use the "powders and energies" thing anymore? I'm just going to assume we are and run with it. Cannon fires his attack at the Ninjask who tries to arc around with Secret Power, but its not really an attack meant for arc so its not too successful. The Flash Cannon does score a partial hit, but its enough the the Ninjask's attack is pushed away, not working too well. The Ninjask grazes the Forrtress with its attack, not really causing any harm. But he quickly recovers and the two Pokemon are standing off again.

Forretress quickly tries to create a screen of energy in front of him, gathering energy although in the mean time, the Ninjask quickly tries to put a curse on him to prevent him from doing so. It's a battle of timing, and the Taunt happens first, not costing as much energy, causing the Light Screen to fail. This is why using defensive techniques going first is very risky kids.

Note: I read it as normal Light Screen but it makes no different if it was Cubic or not.

Both Pokemon are neck and neck in health and energy, still got a good way to go to enter the second third.
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