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>tfw Mirror Force
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Round 1: I already regret this

Machamp, I would like you to edit your squad post with the Levels of your Pokemon and their sigs. In the future, its not nice to make your ref take more work than needed to ref a match.

Swamps aren't necessarily the best places to be, but both trainers seemingly wanted to be out here and battle in glorious combat. Which is cool, also since this is a no type charts match it means that there is going to be some fun stuff going on. Machamp is the first one to send out a Pokemon, and out comes Forretress, a pretty good Pokemon although its going to not like losing its resistances. In response from Mew the Gato is Buzz Buzz, a wonderfully named Ninjask with a sig that is probably going to be a headache to ref.

Buzz Buzz starts off by flapping his wings rapidly, trying to get a good gale to blow over hte arena so he can send some magic pixie dust along with it. Cannon wants to keep his opponent from getting a lot of air, and begins to try and summon rocks from the arena, so he immediately plunges down...into the marsh itself which understandably provides a good halt to its momentum since its not notably fast to begin with. It hits the bottom but the force isn't as strong as it would be on solid ground, meaning the rocks it brings are not very big. The two attacks fire at each other roughly about the same them, moving through each other harmlessly. The wind hits Forretress and causes it to groan a bit in pain although the damage it takes is reduced. The rocks fly up at Buzz Buzz, but due to his impressive speed, while they manage to hit, they don't do much to alter his altitude and he stays triumphantly in the air. Shame at that, Ninjask like being in the air.

Ninjask then continues on the offensive, releasing a loud buzzing noise that also comes with a nice pack of Bug energy along with it, although he doesn't move too much because he is focusing on the attack. Cannon takes the hit hard, still coming up out of the muck, although again that amazing SC reduces the damage he would have taken from the attack. Coming out of the muck and back into the air, he gathers up a blob of poison inside of himself before forcefully firing it out of his cannons, although with the Ninjask's speed its able to avoid most of it, some of the poison still coating its wings and setting it up for some pain later.

Both Pokemon have taken some damage with Ninjask having a small lead. Ninjask is poisoned although it will take an extra round to take hold, although thanks to the Bug SC it won't be less potent!

Fuck these crabs
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