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Sorry, but could you check the first three's sigs in my summary?

Thanks, Emi, good luck, Mew!

Crystal the male Sylveon, HP Ground.
Spoiler: show

Signature Move: Supporter
Crystal is now proficient with status-causing moves, healing moves, draining moves and moves that block damage, and as thus, gains the following moves: Confuse Ray, Will-o-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Sucker Punch, Giga Drain, Pain Split, Spite, Healing Wish, Future Sight and Aqua Ring, having 1.2 HBs of offtype for all the offtype moves. His draining moves only suffer half the diminishing returns, and are slightly more effective. His non-offensive Psychic-type moves (apart from the obvious ones, Dream Eater and Future Sight are counted as non-offensive) use Fairy type energy, due to the similarities between the types. But, at the same time, Future Sight and Dream Eater have the expense of dealing normal type damage/drains respectively. Sucker Punch now uses normal-type energy, due to Crystal not being experienced with the part-offensive attack, while also dealing normal-type damage. Sucker Punch can only be used once by Crystal. When Taunt is used on Crystal, it will only block one defensive move and then end. He is still affected by Swagger, however. He has neglected his offensive moves, and loses: Bite, Shadow Ball, Moonblast, Return, Façade, Frustration, Flail, Round, Giga Impact, Take Down, Retaliate and Curse. He loses Rain Dance and Sunny Day as well, since they do not classify as defensive moves. He uses 10% more energy to perform the few offensive moves he retains, not including drain moves. He is now easily angered. He no longer resists Bug moves.

Interceptor the male Skuntank, HP Ice

Spoiler: show
Signature Move: Dark Storm
Interceptor, using heavy Dark energy, charges up a large orb of darkness, firing it at the foe to deal heavy Dark damage, causing severe paralysis, lighter paralysis even occurring with a glancing blow. However, the technique is rather slow. This move is essentially a Dark-typed Zap Cannon.

Flora the female Florges, HP Ground
Spoiler: show

Special Training : Sunblast (FI)
Flora now has unlimited Fire energy, losing almost all Grass energy in exchange, retaining enough to fuel two Solar Beams. She gains the moves Inferno, Heat Wave, Overheat, Will-o-Wisp and Mystical Fire. In addition, all her Grass-type attacks except Solar Beam become Fire-typed, gaining the appearance of flames, or getting coated in fire if it is physical, at the referee’s discretion (making them able to burn through certain objects and attacks as the only added effect, retaining all properties of said attacks, for example, Energy Ball’s chance to lower special defence.). She now loses Swagger, Round and Moonblast. She is now easily angered.

Malefica the female Mismagius, HP Fight

Natura the female Whimsicott, HP Ground

Cannon the male Forretress, HP Water.

, your turn!

"Meteor Jam!"

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