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Thank you for refereeing, Emi! Good luck, Machamp-X, let us make this fun.

...Some of these Pokemon can be really nice in a battle with no Type charts. I hope.

Starman: Level 4 Male Aegislash

Spoiler: show
Aegislash (Steel/Ghost): Aegislash are a possessed swords and shield, their body made entirely of the blade, making them inorganic. All attacks involving slashing get a 20% boost in power. They levitate by default, but prefer to remain still when attacking and defending. When Aegislash are sent out, they will start in Shield Forme, giving taking 80% damage from all attacks. When ordered to use any attack, they will go into Blade Forme, losing this boost. They may enter Shield Forme using a move. Certain defensive moves, such as Iron Defense, King's Shield or Protect will cause Aegislash to automatically enter this Forme. As they are bound to a physical object, they are unable to achieve states other than solid.
Starman was considered just another of Giygas's soldiers, and not a particularly high-ranking one at that. The strongest of the soldiers, the mighty Ghosts of Starmen and Final Starmen, had the power to call upon the devastating power of the Starstorm. However, he did not have any such abilities. Most standard Starmen did not have any particular skill in offensive PSI, despite claiming to be far more advanced beings than earth creatures; all they were proficient in was psychic shields, draining away an enemy's PSI... and teleportation.

Knowing that he will most likely not be able to achieve a much higher position in Giygas's forces, Starman actually escaped from the Stonehenge Base, traveling far in order to be an individual, unlike the other seemingly single-minded Starmen. He did this by utilizing his teleportation, which is one of the advantages he has from being a Starman. Due to teleporting so much to travel to different places, by the time Starman encountered the squad and joined it, he was already very proficient with teleportation and other psychokinetic powers.

Hidden Power: Fairy

Signature Trait: PSI

Starman is considered to be familiar with the Psychic Type. He has gained Zen Headbutt and Teleport as moves. Starman is very proficient with Teleport; it is faster than usual, and like the Ralts line, it costs him slightly less energy than usual to use it. He gets any advantages for Teleport that a Psychic Type would receive. Additionally, Teleport will automatically sheath Honedge and Doublade, and make Aegislash take the Shield Stance. Starman can no longer use Destiny Bond and Head Smash, because he left the other Starmen.

Item Attached: Reaper's Token

Buzz Buzz: Level 4 Male Ninjask

Spoiler: show
Ninjask (Bug/Flying): Ninjask are exceptionally fast Pokémon, able to outspeed practically everything. However, they lack agility and must stop to change directions.
In the future where Buzz Buzz has come from, Giygas had won. The Chosen Four had not united and acted on time. As such, the PSI-powered Bug Type traveled back into the future in order to warn them of this possibility. He was at first mistook to be a bee. After battling an unusually small and weak Starman, which resulted in Buzz Buzz' victory, Buzz Buzz was simply swatted by someone who mistook him for a dung beetle this time, because of being such a small Pokemon. Whoever did that apparently hated all Bug Types. Nonetheless, Buzz Buzz was able to pass on the Sound Stone to the leader of the Chosen Four.

After this event, Buzz Buzz was thought dead, due to having been swatted. However, the Nincada survived by digging underground and staying there until the time was right to come out. When he did, he realizes that he has no way to travel back to the future. He would not like to do that anyway; a doomed future is not exactly the most pleasant of situations to be in, especially considering everything has been changed in this time. He never met the leader of the Chosen Four again, but has been getting used to this time.

Hidden Power: Ground

Signature Trait: A Bee He Is... Not

Buzz Buzz, taking advantage of his PSI, can redirect his own body. This means that if an attack comes towards him, he can use his PSI to quickly change direction and move out of the way. This ability is mainly used to immediately and smoothly change direction without having to stop. Buzz Buzz's first instinct would be to try to dodge attacks in this manner if he sees any coming. Although this does not guarantee a dodge, this makes it more likely, resulting in Buzz Buzz being much more evasive than usual. Buzz Buzz expends minor typeless energy each round to maintain this PSI. Buzz Buzz is set to evolve in Ninjask, and cannot evolve into Shedinja, unless he drops this signature.

Aeolia: Level 4 Female Delphox

Spoiler: show
Delphox (Fire/Psychic): Delphox are adept pyrokinetics, allowing them to freely manipulate their Fire attacks. Using light energy for each action, they may redirect their Fire attacks to circumvent obstacles or chase down a moving target, but more than two actions per move will be counted as a move. Using a move, Delphox can be ordered to draw the twig from their tail, lighting it. They can use this twig as a light source or to direct their Fire attacks, or possibly as a source for their moves (at the cost of light energy). However, if the twig is stolen or extinguished, they will be unable to direct their Fire attacks and will have to relight it using a Fire move or by lighting it with their tail again. As starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/4 health.
Aeolia is affected by Attract as if she is Genderless, thus making her immune to it, and is unable to use it effectively herself, due to her status as a Magypsy, a mysterious being beyond the comprehension of most, with her use of Attract also being treated as if she were Genderless. Aeolia is one of the seven Magypsies, along with Doria, Lydia, Phrygia, Mixolydia, Ionia and Locria. Aeolia lives deep inside Sunshine Forest, and her house is shaped like a pink seashell. It is near a lake filled with pleasantly cool water, and many Pokemon inhabit this lake. Her house is where the tea parties between the Magypsies are usually organized, due to how quiet the place is, streaks of sunlight showering down through the gaps in the canopy. Aeolia herself, however, is among the most serious of the Magypsies. She is soft and pleasant with the other Magypsies, but rarely opens up as much to others. However, she is nonetheless very kind, and would help those in need.

While she is a very pleasant person to talk to for the other Magypsies, described as open-hearted, especially by Ionia, she still takes her tasks very seriously. Due to being the host of the tea parties among the Magypsies, she decided to find a way to make fireworks. Being so good with PSI, she decided to utilize it for this purpose. She concluded that while fire may be warm and bright, electricity is even more flashy and beautiful if used correctly. As such, she practiced shooting electricity at specific points, eventually becoming very good at aiming it. Thus, a new PSI technique was developed, and she named it PK Thunder, appropriately enough, due to the rumbling sound and appearance of the attack, which leaves spectators awestruck and thoroughly impressed. Aeolia was very pleased by this success, to the point that she sometimes shows it off to others besides Magypsies if asked, too. A rumour says that a certain Pichu, not unlike how Lucas was, once learned this move from her. Sometimes, Aeolia looks at Masked Man the Scizor with an expression of guilt, something that no squad member has been able to understand.

Hidden Power: Fighting

Signature Move: PK Thunder

Using high Electric Type energy, Aeolia unleashes four bolts of electricity. Each deals light to mild Electric Type damage. Each bolt has a 10% chance to inflict intense paralysis on the point that is struck. Aeolia has precise control over the point where each bolt of electricity strikes, and they are swift and accurate. All the bolts do not have to be shot at the same point, but they have to be shot at the same time. Aeolia has enough Electric Type energy for three uses of this move. She is unable to use Blast Burn, Overheat and Giga Impact, due to being such a peaceful Pokemon.

Pushpa: Level 4 Female Serperior (Push-paa)

Spoiler: show
Serperior (Grass): Serperior are very royal and intimidating Pokémon and are difficult to discourage or scare. If their stats would normally be lowered for any reason, they experience only half the drop. Their long, sinuous bodies, while not allowing for the speed and agility of their lower forms, allow them to bind foes with ease. Their body and coloring allow them to easily hide amongst trees and grass and their Leaf Tornado attack is faster and more disorientating to its targets. Like Servine, the two vines near their neck can be used for attack or manipulation of objects. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/4 health.
Pushpa has always been fascinated by staring. Often, she would just sit between the plants, camouflaged, and stare at all the happenings. In this way, she was somewhat similar to Billy the Glameow. The two would often spend hours just staring at each other, as if competing. Usually, it would end with Pushpa falling asleep due to the feline's hypnotic stare, and Billy feeling devastatingly drained for some reason.

Pushpa's stare seems to have the strange property of draining the willpower of the Pokemon she stares into the eyes of. This seems to be indicated by opponents often becoming progressively more tired as the battle goes on, and even more than usual. Pushpa knows a certain trainer who loves Grass Types, but cannot quite figure out why he does not like staring tactics. It is truly a mystery...

Hidden Power: Rock

Special Training: Staring Into The Soul

Pushpa stares into her opponent's soul. Whenever a Pokemon, enemy or ally, has eye contact with Pushpa, it will lose a minor amount of energy per every few seconds this connection remains, and this energy shall be given to Pushpa instead. In this way, Pushpa can drain up to a maximum of a decent amount of energy every round. Of course, blind Pokemon are immune to this effect. Due to being so fascinated with staring, Pushpa never learned how to use Growth and Leaf Storm.

Bangani: Level 4 Female Muk (Bang-un-ee)

Spoiler: show
Muk (Poison): Muk are made up of poisonous substances made of liquid slime. Thus, toxic or polluted chemicals heal them instead of harm them. The same is true for poison attacks. Muk can see in the dark. Muk also leave poison in their path, poisoning the ground and leaving a substance that can cause minor poisoning to Pokémon if they come in contact with it. They are also very flexible, and can fit through gaps that most Pokémon of their size couldn't. Their bodies absorb physical blows, and physical projectiles, making all attacks in these manners 85% effective. However, as the slime is liquidized, they take slightly more damage from electric attacks.
Bangani, before joining the squad, was actually a cloud of toxic sludge, floating high in the air. Her body was significantly closer to a liquid, and she was divided into countless droplets that composed the clouds. In truth, she was not even alive at that time. She had been formed due to the immense amount of pollution in the city, which had made its way into a water, which evaporated and rose high in the air. Upon condensation, Bangani's body was formed, although still devoid of life. This phenomenon, however, intrigued many researchers, as they had seldom, if ever seen a cloud so extremely toxic.

One day, precipitation started, and the droplets that composed Bangani's body fell from the sky as extremely polluted rain. Bangani's body fell in the middle of a grass field on top of a hill, late at night. After the rain, a pool of toxic sludge had formed at the top of the hill. The moonlight descended and touched the sludge, causing it to suddenly come to life. And thus, Bangani was born. Due to her unusual way of being formed, however, she is much more proficient with the liquid part of the sludge that composes her body than most of her species.

Hidden Power: Grass

Signature Move: Acid Rain

Bangani shoots a huge amount of thin, almost liquid sludge high into the air, from where it rains down all around her in a wide radius. This move costs heavy Water Type energy, and deals significant Water Type damage to any victims. This sludge will leave acid burns on any Pokemon that comes into contact with the sludge raining down, the intensity of them depending on how much sludge touches them. Due to her unusual way of formation, Bangani never learned how to use Harden, Sunny Day, Explosion, Self-Destruct. She is not resistant to the Grass Type, but neutral to it.

Me: Level 4 Male Amoonguss

Spoiler: show
Amoongus (Grass/Poison): When attacked physically or threatened, Amoongus may release a small amount of spores causing a random mild status effect. Their spores and powders are somewhat more effective and spread in dense clouds. They are resistant to being afflicted with status moves.
The Poison Type, as a Foongus, a small Pokemon, was very playful, to the point that he was considered annoying and even crazy. His habits were extremely unlike the rest of his species. Instead of staying in one place, he preferred to travel around the world. He once wandered off too far from his group, but managed to sneakily climb on the back of a Salamence, who, due to its huge size, did not even notice him. While the Salamence flied, he saw many sights, using a variation of Grass Knot in order to make sure he does not fall off the Salamence's back. Eventually, however, the Salamence did notice his presence, and tried to swallow him whole. The Foongus simply thought that this was a game, and playfully released spores. This caused the Salamence to sneeze so hard that the Grass Type was blown off his back.

Landing in an unknown, urban location, the Mushroom Pokemon simply went off to explore the large city. There were lots of people going around in such a hurry that they did not notice the presence of the Foongus. This allowed him to do a variety of things. Not considering it wrong, he would often pick up anything he found, and no one would know how their belongings kept disappearing. Eventually, he found a stall that was marked with "Magic Cake" in large, colourful letters. Intrigued, he proceeded to steal one of them from right in front of the shopkeeper. He achieved this by using Sweet Scent. The Magic Cake turned out to truly be very magical. Ever since he ate it, he has been behaving in a very... eccentric manner. Most other Pokemon consider him to be extremely creepy.

Because of the effects of the Magic Cake, the Foongus simply walked up to the sea, and ended up being swallowed by a Sharpedo. However, because of the ludicrous amount of Sweet Scents and Spores he was releasing, the Sharpedo was eventually forced to release him. He ended up on an island with even more mushrooms. Still under the effects of the Magic Cake, he touched the mushrooms, even though the sign right next to it indicated that this was not something a sane person would want to do. He began to hallucinate, and has always been hallucinating at all times since then. In order to share this experience, he has even developed ways to make other Pokemon in battle go through the same thing. He also has a habit of randomly bursting into laughter when not in battle.

Hidden Power: Fire

Signature Trait: Strangeness

While Foongus is out, the arena is filled with a strange smell and spores. This will greatly hinder the smelling and hearing of other Pokemon. This can also mislead the radar-like senses of Pokemon like Sliggoo. Also, all Pokemon will be seeing colours incorrectly. For example, trees can be blue or red. They can also be filled with the colours of a rainbow. Because of their inability to comprehend the colours properly, they shall have difficulty making out Foongus' position. They will also have their sense of direction hindered. This will lead to other Pokemon having increased difficulty aiming attacks, especially stronger ones. Because of their senses and ability to identify colours being hindered, they shall also have difficulty sensing attacks. It is very possible that moves will blend in with the colour of the surroundings, to the point that Seed Bomb can blend in with a volcano setting. Resistance to mental effects does not protect Pokemon from this signature, and they may have increased difficulty carrying out complicated maneuvers, like using Quick Attack, Dig or Fly to dodge an attack and strike. Even inorganic Pokemon are vulnerable to these effects. Foongus himself is so used to these things that he is unaffected by any of these effects. However, he will lose mild energy every round to maintain this effect. Foongus is unable to use Solar Beam, and shall lose Giga Impact upon evolution.
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