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>tfw Mirror Force
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Drifloon UPN PASBL: Mew the Gato vs Machamp X Exhibition: No-Type Charts

Well I do like the idea of No Type Chart matches because they test you to see if you can work without typespam. Forces you into a different way of thinking so to speak.

Mew The Gato (C) Vs. Machamp-X (A)
4 Vs. 4
Equiall 4
Switch = KO
72 Hour DQ
Deep Darkness: The battle takes place in the Deep Darkness, after the power of the Hawk Eye has purged most of the lack of light. Nonetheless, the lighting is somewhat dim, lending itself to a somber atmosphere, although most Pokemon should be able to see. The ground is marshy, and Pokemon not accustomed to moving through it may face problems. As the name implies, the ground is soft and deep enough to make digging easier. Some spots in the arena are deeper, with a greater composition of water. This makes it possible to actually swim in these spots like a pond, although larger Pokemon will struggle to use it well. There is plant growth of different sizes scattered around, and can be used as cover, following rules similar to the boulders in a Rock Arena.
Oh I was expecting this arena to be a carcinogen but its actually pretty tame. Mew, if you would start us off kindly.

Fuck these crabs

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