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Slowly making his way through Azalea, the only sound available to the surroundings is the gentle crunch of the snow under Big's feet. Finally drawing close to the main area of the small town, buildings forming in the distance, the relative silence is abruptly drawn to a halt. Frantic footsteps can be heard behind him, the loud patter against the snow unmistakable. With a juddering impact, Big is stricken, and a loud yelp rings out. Taken aback, Clara jumps from Big's hoodie to protect her trainer, but it quickly becomes evident there is no real need. A young girl, maybe a little younger than Big himself, lies sprawled on the ground, her expression clearly a mixture of scared and disgruntled. Her brown hair is drawn into a tight ponytail, and she is dressed for the weather, a heavy set jacket too large for her drawn over her figure. Staggering back to her feet, she gives Big a slight nod, muttering her apologies, before hurriedly shuffling off towards the nearby Pokemon Center.
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