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I personally think that it would make sense for Slowbro to be Level 4, and Slowking to be Level 5. They have similar (And excellent, at that) movepools, with an abundance of both offense and support, and I would have seen them both as Trainer Level 5 Pokemon, if not for their Species Characteristics. They do have five weaknesses, but can easily cover all of them. In my opinion, Fighting (Brick Break, many strong physicals), Fire (Burns) and even Ice (Freezing, reliably achieved through Ice Beam) are among the more valuable resistances.

Slowbro takes extra time to react. Even if the difference is not extreme, it makes it more difficult for it to use its defensive movepool, and react to orders in general. Considering how valuable taking advantage of an opponent's orders can be, this can hold it back. Meanwhile, Slowking has every advantage Slowbro has in this regard (Other than the delay in reaction to interruption), with a mental resistance superior to even most other Psychic Types. But Slowking actually does not suffer from a delay in reaction time, which is much more difficult to fix than mobility (Which can be remedied by using moves like Surf to move, Trick Room, etc.), something I consider to be an advantage Slowking has over Slowbro. Mobility, at worst, will limit Slowking to certain playstyles, but inferior reaction time will be more problematic across the board. And Slowbro moves slowly, too.

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