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To Meowth's relief, the Gallade nodded in response to his explanation and started to relax. It truly seemed as though the situation was starting to diffuse-

And then, just as that happy thought occurred to Meowth, it was swiftly replaced by an earsplitting and prolonged roar coming from the kitchen. Shocked, Keith ran to investigate, as did Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard (well, the Weezing obviously hovered, lacking the anatomical prerequisite for running, but you get the point), and what they saw astonished them- a glowing mass, growing at an alarming rate, and as if that wasn't enough, it was the source of the earsplitting roar.

"Wat's dat?!" Meowth exclaimed as the glowing faded, revealing the creature that was now raging and thrashing around. For an answer, Keith pulled out his Pokédex and aimed it at the creature.

"Slaking, the Lazy Pokémon, the evolved form of Vigoroth, and the final evolved form of Slakoth," droned the device. "Slaking is the world's most slothful Pokémon. However, it can exert horrifying power by releasing pent-up energy all at once."

"Yikes," Keith murmured. Briefly he thought back to Narcissa, an insolent Slakoth he once owned who was lazy even by her species's standards. If this was the kind of thing she'd evolve into, if this was the kind of power she'd have access to to back up her insolence, it was probably a good thing he decided to trade her away when he did.

Meanwhile, Lucas was attempting to withdraw the Slaking, but the Poké Ball wasn't seeming to have an effect. Keith had heard of this sort of thing happening on rare occasion- a Pokémon's anger blocking the recall beam from its own Poké Ball- though had never actually seen it happen before. Then, with a curious-looking Pokémon in his arms (Keith made a mental note to ask what this Pokémon was after this ordeal was over), he pleaded for Keith and Ethan to help him stop the Slaking's rampage before the base was destroyed. Keith nodded in response. "You got it," he agreed. Gemini and Mustard started to float towards the kitchen, but before they got there, a Poké Ball on Keith's belt burst open, revealing a yellow lizard who appeared to be wearing extremely baggy pants.

"Scrrraggy!" Bart exclaimed as it glared up at the Slaking, hitching up its pants.

"Bart!?" Keith exclaimed. "This isn't a good time, that Slaking is seriously strong!"

"Scraggy Scraggy, scrag Scraggy scrag!" the Scraggy responded, assuming a fighting stance. Keith sighed- he was hoping to use something with a bit more battle experience, but Bart did have a type advantage, and he certainly was stubborn (and nobody knew how powerful a weapon pure stubbornness could be better than Keith Golbatson Masters!), and Keith recalled that Bart had been doing quite well in their past training sessions... Perhaps it was time for Keith's Scraggy's skills to be put to a real test.

"Ehh, so, is youse callin' Bart back or wat?" Meowth asked Keith.

"I think I'm gonna go with 'or what' on this one," Keith responded. "Alright, Bart, get ready!" he added.

"Scraggy!!!" Bart responded, eager to get into the fray.

"Bart! Dragon Dance, let's go!" Keith commanded. "Then go in for a Low Sweep attack, and follow it up with Poison Jab!"

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