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"We know dat guy," the Meowth explained to the Gallade. "He didn't come wit us, but he's alright... well, my Trainer trusts him, anyways," he added.

The Gallade nodded in understanding. He was a little shaken by the idea that another person had found their way to their base but he relaxed his arms and muscles. Out of the doorway behind Keith came a young man. A dark haired, blue eyed trainer stepped out of the shadows as he explained his situation the best he could, in as many words as he could fit in only a few seconds.

"It's nice see you again," he chuckled a bit making his way toward the entrance, "You see...we were trying to get away from the rain after the boat I was on got destroyed out at sea. I had my Jellicent ferry us over here when I saw a small light coming from this hallowed out tree. I thought it was my imagination but when I came here I noticed a door at the bottom of it and entered, there was some commotion, it looked like there was a battle going on, so instead of having you think I was some intruder I had sent my Gastly James to let you know before hand that we were nothing more then wary travelers but he said that he got attacked in the middle of it-"

For some reason, the young man halted his speech and ran past them into the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen, the situation was as spirited as a few months ago. A distraction at the window provided the opportunity the Vigoroth needed. In quick success, he pulled off another two Feint Attacks. Both striking for super effective damage once again. The Gastly wouldn’t let up though. A dark ominous mass gathered in front of it. It was preparing a Shadow Ball. Kong ignored the threat as he was well aware of his immunity to ghost-typed attacks. He charged forward to push his weight into one last move, hoping to knock out the Gastly finally. He couldn’t have been far from fainting at this point. The sheer number of dark attacks should have put a toll on his ethereal body.

But the Gastly wasn’t aiming at the Vigoroth and Kong realised this too late. The Gastly veered slightly to its left as it fired the Shadow Ball. The orb arched around the Sloth Pokémon and struck the window. Behind Kong, a fiery figure leapt inside the base. In his fury, he had neglected to note what distracted the Gastly in the first place. The mysterious figure zipped across the chipped wooden floorboard and struck the VIgorth from the side. Before Kong even knew what hit him, a small orange leg wept him off his feet as he feel down hard on his face.

Kong opened his eyes and sneered before looking up at his new assailant. Looming over him stood the small figure of a Chimchar. Kong was infuriated now. Being struck from behind like that. After he was battling the infamous ghost Pokémon? He got up to his feet to get his revenge on the small monkey.

It was just then that the Chinchar’s trainer, shortly followed by Rags, their visitors and the rest entered the kitchen.

"Hey! That's my Ghastly in there, you got to tell your Pokemon to back off!"

He couldn’t take it anymore. Outraged at the intrusions, the Ghost Pokémon, the attack from behind and the yelling; Kong started thumping his chest while roaring. If any birds had remained on the island they would have surely fled by now were it not for the storm. Lucas and his Pokémon covered their ears in pain. The roar went on for what seemed like an eternity, small high-toned pitches overlapped with it at time. Lucas’ eyes started watering and even the base was shaking more violently, though perhaps that was because the storm had gotten worse.

Kong’s figure glowed brightly, dazzling everyone that stood too close. He didn’t stop roaring though. He didn’t stop when his legs grew thicker, his head heavier or his hair longer. The pounding of his fists against his chest got lower as the muscles tightened and almost doubled in size. Lucas and his posse held their breath as they feared the final stage of Kong’s evolution line. The glowing subsided but Kong remained standing, pounding his chest. Once all the light had evaporated, he stopped his thumping and roaring. He hunched though his shoulders and took one look with his blood-red eyes at his opponent before giving a gruff grunt. He gave a last definite cry before slamming his fists into the wooden floorboard.

Kong evolved into... 
Lucas held on tightly to Floss and Faust as the whole base shook with each thump. Gallade and Ford toppled over while Sprout was balanced on his head. The fllor started giving away. Cracks emerged that grew across the base floor. Not long after, chunks of wood dropped into the storm below. The whole base was in danger of being wrecked apart.

Lucas fidgeted with his Pokéball the entire time. “Retreat Kong!” he repeated himself. But the beam of light merely reflected off the Slaking’s body each time. He finally gave up and tried to seek cover. With his Floss in his arms he crept to the kitchen doorway. Standing up would have been too difficult at this point. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold back tears off fear. He looked towards his two visitors who had started the ordeal. “You two!” he shouted. “Help me stop him before the whole base is destroyed.

Parts of the wall started giving away as well. The window where Aiden had gotten through was now replaced by a gaping hole that stared out into a rainy abyss. In a few minutes, their safe haven would be gone.

Player 1: Lucas and Rags the Gallade
Player 2: Keith and ???
Player 3: Ethan and ???


(To explain quickly; I'm using this as a Boss Level. The Slaking's ability Truant is switched off due to rage.)

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