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Warrior calms himself down and relaxes his mind a bit, powering up special attacks of the future. Meanwhile, Nico is too focused on the pretty tomb walls (that he can see through, mind you), to care about his orders. Warrior waits to see if Nico is going to bust out of the tomb. He doesn't. But he's also shaken off the confusion, and is using his X-Ray vision to stare down the completely clueless Warrior. He slams his paws into the ground, and draws out the power of his environment. A slew of small, sharp-edged stones soar toward Warrior, raking his body. While this was a clever strategy, unfortunately for Nico, the Rock Arena resulted in a resisted Stone Edge. To make matters worse, Nico shivers as toxins attack his system for the first of many times.

Warrior took a weakened hit, still doing alright on health. Should be fine for two.

Nico will be fresh next round thanks to the forced one mover. His lead on his opponent is strengthening, as he took nothing but toxic damage, but it's still nothing to write home about.

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