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Thanks for the replies. I read through all of what you had to say, and it's pretty informative. Despite numerous hypotheticals, I think you probably hit the nail on the head with a lot of your assumptions based on history and the fact that in some cases you could, as you said, argue that it might wind up being cheaper today to produce a game such as this due to the many advancements in technology over the past 20 years. I guess I don't have a huge reply or anything to really rebut or point out. I just find this all somewhat fascinating, and that goes for what you had to say as well.

I guess at this point all we can do is wait and see what happens.

Originally Posted by Talon
We both seem to think that if the initial goal had been set at around $5 million that a) it would've been met within the first 24 hours and b) we'd currently be looking at a Kickstarter that is $7 or $8 million funded instead of only $4.5 million funded. Oh well. No way to know who's right or wrong on this one since we don't have the power to see into alternate futures with certainty. We can only speculate.
I totally agree 100%. Shenmue 3 is about as legendary of a game as Half-Life 3 is. If they had initially asked for $5M, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind they would have had it in 24 hrs. But between the small amount they asked for (which many journalists assumed was to show that fans do have an interest in investing in a sequel to a ~15 year old game), and then somewhat vague communication on whether or not Sony was actually funding it, I feel the kickstarter hasn't met the potential it clearly has/had. If the accusations that the team wasn't being honest about Sony funding it or not hadn't come out, I think there would have been more people investing into it. Maybe not much, but I certainly could see that sort of press costing them another $1M maybe from the more casual fans who feel as though they don't need to invest into it if Sony is (based on what they read whether it's true or not).

This kickstarter has definitely been a little messy, but I think that might be to be expected given the game. There has never been a game this big on Kickstarter. You've had Might No. 9 and Bloodstained and Yooka-Laylee, and out of all of those Yooka-Laylee is probably the only game ever kickstarted that comes even close to something as legendary and ambitious as Shenmue 3. I don't know that Shenmue can meet another $5.5M in the next 9 days, but I have a feeling it will come close. Big kickstarters tend to get a lot more attention, especially from the procrastinators, in their final few days. Don't be surprised if there's another $1.5M or so in the final 24 hrs. Regardless of what happens, I hope this is the Shenmue 3 everyone has been waiting for.
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