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Sorry for the inactivity, TA ^^;

@Josh The bolded portion was my reasoning for it:

Paralysis - Paralysis is a status inflicted primarily by Electric-type moves, though a physical variant can also be inflicted by Body Slam. Paralysis causes the body of the afflicted Pokémon to lock up at random, preventing them from executing attacks. Since paralysis causes the Pokémon's body to lock up, it is very distracting and can break a Pokémon's focus when using both physical and special moves. Paralysis can be full body or localized, applying to only the area affected when local. It can also be of varying severity, which determines both how often moves fail and how long the paralysis lasts. Paralysis naturally fades after about 3 rounds if severe, decreasing in severity each round, but it can also be jarred out of the Pokémon if they are hit with a move of significant or higher damage. Physical paralysis may also occur, and will generally only result in severe paralysis, but it will clear quickly and can be dispelled with relaxation moves such as Agility, though electrical paralysis cannot. Once paralysis is clear, the Pokémon will suffer from a drop in speed and agility for roughly a round after. Repeated attempts to paralyze a Pokémon will result in less severe paralysis.
I feel like a status condition that specifically states that it messes up an afflicted pokemon's focus should have a pretty decent chance to mess up the afflicted pokemon when their using a move that's attack description starts with "The user concentrates and focuses its energy more effectively".

Nico kicks off the round by ACTUALLY DOING THINGS! He manages to push through the confusion and loose a powerful bolt of electricity toward Warrior, who is shocked out of his paralysis. Because logic. Warrior immediately follows up by spewing a lovely toxic goop on his opponent. Nico tries to use Secret Power, but he's back to getting distracted by the pretty stars he's seeing. So Warrior vomits on him and traps him in a Rock Tomb. Poor thing.

Nico now has a slight lead in health on Warrior, but the two are still pretty even. Both should be good for two next round. Warrior's paralysis is gone. Nico's confusion will fade entirely sometime next round.

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