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Alright, so, the Kickstarter mailed out a newsletter today that contains all of the Q&As from Twitter ... in both English and Japanese. This is delightfully helpful as it allows us to see Yuu's answers as he truly intended them. Jumping straight ahead to that Dobuita Q&A ...

Q3. シェンムー1とシェンムー2と比べて、シェンムー3は500万ドルの支援額だと「どのくらい」オープンワー ルドになりますか?
A. シェンムー1のドブ板くらいのものが作れると良いなと思います。
Note that the question was put to Yuu in Japanese as, "Compared with Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2, how open world can Shenmue 3 be on a donation budget of $5 million?" They specifically ask him "how [much] open world" it can be, no "scope" or "scale" or other vague adjectives in sight. So Yuu answers! "I think it'd be nice if I could make something about as [open world] as Shenmue 1's Dobuita." He's specifically talking about the scope of what all the player can do in the world on a building-by-building basis, not the geographic size of the game world. He isn't saying "$5 million will get you a street," thank God, he's saying, "$5 million will get you three villages whose level of interactivity is comparable with Shenmue 1's Dobuita." I'll take it!
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