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Yesterday was #YouaskYu Day on Twitter, with Yu Suzuki answering questions around 7pm PDT on Twitter. Some of the Q&As:

Q: Can you please explain why there are two different statements about how many chapters (11 / 16) Shenmue has?
A: It is 11 chapters, but with branched story line, it will be more than 11
Shenmue 1 was Chapter 1. Shenmue 2 was Chapters 3, 4, 5, and possibly 6.
Q: Is there any chance we can carry on Pledging after the Kickstarter date has closed?
A: Thanks for the question, we will look into it.
This will prove important if Shenmue 3 is to be saved from a fate of mediocrity caused by too little donation money. (See below.)
Q: At $5 million, exactly HOW open world will Shenmue 3 be, compared to Shenmue 1/2?
A: I'm expecting something similar to Dobuita in terms of scale.
That one's particularly disappointing. :\ Dobuita is one district of Yokosuka, and Yokosuka was the only city in Shenmue 1. Shenmue 2, on the other hand, boasted three different cities, two of which dwarfed Yokosuka in scale. To hear that $5 million will only give us a fraction of one past city is very disappointing. It also indicates that the journalists have gutted what chance we had for a great trequel by scaring away potential investors. Goddammit.

EDIT: Wait! Maybe I misunderstood. Perhaps he simply means how many things you could do in Dobuita, and in that sense how open world it is. Perhaps he means nothing about the geographic scale. If that's the case, then disregard what I just said!
Q: Now that we know Shenmue 3 will not end the Story, do you have a backup plan if it won´t succeed to tell the end?
A: Gonna have to find a successor I think.
I don't understand what he means. Find a successor developer to develop the tale in his stead? Unlikely. Find a successor franchise to get emotionally attached to? Depressing. (Why do you refuse to novelize the story should it come to that!?) Hmm.
Q: Would love to hear Mandarin voice acting alongside Japanese in #Shenmue3, could we make it stretch goal?
A: Thank you, it is under consideration.
This would be fantastic. But to be perfectly honest, Cantonese would be better given the setting. If the Kickstarter offered Cantonese voice acting for Shenhua & Co. and if it offered a Japanese man speaking in Cantonese as a second language for Ryo, that would be perfect.
Q: Will u research latest tech in AI so u can include it in shenmue 3 to make it a pioneering game like its predecessors?
A: Yes. I would like to take on some new challenge in terms of technology.
Hmm ... :o
Q: Can we expect epic fights like in Kowloon in Shenmue 2 and a similar battle fight system?
A: There is "Battle System Expanded" Stretch Goal. It will enhance the battles, better than Shenmue 2
Good. Because to be perfectly honest, the fighting engine was regrettably never one of Shenmue's stronger points. And it ought to be, given fighting's prominent role in the story.
Q: Where did Ryo got his band aid?
A: It didn't appear in Chp.1, but there was a martial arts event. The scar is from the final match

That's all for now 'cause I gotta get going. I'll share more Q&As later probably, but until then you can read them all yourself by checking out Yu Suzuki's Twitter account, @yu_suzuki_jp, and scanning the tweets from around 7pm PDT.

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