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From Suzuki-sensei's Twitter. 「シェンファインプルーブ計画」 he writes, or "The Improve Shenhua Plan." The image is photoshopped, not rendered in-engine, as you can appreciate from the mannequin's Amish face on the far right. But if they can get the character model to look like this, then this is a massive improvement over the Shenhua seen in the original Shenmue III trailer (seen on the left).

Originally Posted by dirkac View Post
Oh my godddd

I can't believe this is actually a thing

Shenmue 2 was amazing and I seriously did not expect a 3 any time soon, or ever really, but just so much yestoo bad I don't have a PS4 but PC releases yay

I can't believe some regulars on UPN still don't know! Yeah, this happened at E3, man! Yu Suzuki announced his plans to fund Shenmue III via Kickstarter and the rest is history in the making! If you haven't donated yet, I think you should definitely check out the Kickstarter. They have a lot of great deals for long-time Shenmue fans, including $30 for a digital download (PC or PS4), $60 for a physical copy in a collector's edition box (PC or PS4), $100 to get your name in the credits, $250 for extra goodies and a physical copy of the OST, and more.

And in other news ...

We just broke $4 million!

At the time of this writing, 47,828 backers have put forward $4,001,383 to make Shenmue III a reality.
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