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Fourteen days remain until the Shenmue III Kickstarter comes to a close. We're currently standing at $3.8 million. This is enough to get the game made, but if Ys Net & Co. is to be believed about Sony not offering the development team a dime for development costs, then it is a far, far cry from the amount of money necessary to make Shenmue III as good for 2017 as Shenmue I was for 1999. (For comparison, development costs for The Witcher 3 alone were $32 million. :\ So asking for $10 million is like nothing. And we only have $3.8 million right now. orz. :'D)

There's good news though! Ys Net finally persuaded Sony to allow for a physical PS4 collector's edition game as one of the $60 donation options. (The $100 donation tier has not yet been revised, which in turn impacts higher donation tiers, but it's assumed that it will be updated shortly.) At the time I started to write this post, the physical PS4 option had over 100 donors. Now, it has over 247. About $6,000 in literally just a few minutes. Hopefully this provides just the steam necessary to convert most of the $30 donation tier donors ($30 got you a DDL for PS4 or PC) into $60 donation tier donors. If it can convert even 10,000 of them -- there are 27,536 of them currently -- into $60 donors, that'd be a net gain of $30 x 10,000 or $300,000. Still not enough to get us to $10 million, obviously ^^; , but a nice step in the right direction. Would push us over the $4 million hump and make it that much more likely that we'll reach $5 million before the end of the Kickstarter. Wow, just refreshed and it's now 347 backers for the PS4 physical, while the PS4 digital ($30) keeps on dropping. It's happening! ron_paul.gif EDIT: Was 347 when I finished this paragraph. On submitting the post, now it's 590 donors for the PS4 physical copy! \o/ Keep those conversions comin'!

I made a language post about the Four Wude in the Japanese language thread earlier today. If you're a Shenmue fan with a passing interest in etymology, or maybe you just want to know a little bit more about the Four Wude, I'd encourage you to check it out!

Today has apparently been scheduled as an international #saveshenmue day on Twitter by Yu Suzuki and long-time fans over at Shenmue Dojo. You can also ask Yu Suzuki questions directly via Twitter today by simply including the hashtag #YouaskYu in your tweets.
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