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The Carbink, the Magnemite and the Fletchinder!

It was a hot afternoon at the Cloud Garden. The sun was still bright in the sky, and it's rays washed over the people and Pokemon located at the marvelous place. It was a perfect time for a Pokemon battle, and in fact one was just finishing outside of a familiar secret base.....

"We can't lose Diamanta, use Rock Throw then go in with a Tackle!" Jake commanded
"Lux, finish this off with a Hi Jump Kick!" Sophie ordered.
Diamanta the Carbink quickly slammed into the ground, causing rocks to go flying towards Hawlucha. The wrestling Pokemon jumped up, narrowly avoiding the rocks, before slamming it's glowing foot into the Jewel Pokemon.
Giving a small cry, Diamanta couldn't take it, quickly collapsing onto the ground.

Jake let out a sigh. Despite him knowing all his Pokemon gave it their all, he couldn't help be disappointed. Once again Sophie had bested him.
"Once again, an amazing battle Jake!" Sophie exclaimed.
Jake couldn't help but smile.
"I-I guess your right" Jake replied as he glanced at his Pokemon
"Blues, Bagel, Diamanta, great work out there" Jake congratulated them.
Despite their trainers congratulations, the three didn't seem too happy.
"Why do you all look so glum, between the three of you, only Blues had any proper battle experience." Despite his words, Jake could already tell why.
Just like him, they were disappointed with their loss.

"Don't worry, we'll win one day, for now, how about something to eat?"
With that suggestion, the Poliwag and Axew's faces lit up.
"That sounds like a great idea!" Sophie added.
"Alright then, it's settled, time for a lunch break!" Jake exclaimed, before walking over to the oak tree that hosted his secret base, only a few yards away. As the teens started to return their Pokemon to their Pokeballs, Jake noticed that Diamanta, along with his Magnemite and Oddish weren't following. Why weren't they coming, were they hurt? Was Diamanta ok? What if those people were after his Pokemon again?!
"Jake, are you going to stand their all day?" Sophie asked as she noticed her friend staring off in to the distance.
"Umm, no, sorry about that" Jake muttered.
"You aren't worrying about them being kidnapped again, are you?" Sophie asked.
"H-how did you know?" Jake pondered.
Sophie rolled her eyes. "Because that's all you've been worrying about lately?"
"I guess that's true......" Jake confessed before climbing up the ladder into his secret base....

"Diamanta, what's wrong?" Error asked.
"Nothing Error, why do you ask?" The Carbink replied.
"Because you seem upset! Error doesn't want you to be unhappy!" Error droned
"T-thanks Error, truth be told, I guess I am a bit upset" Diamanta admitted
"Why? Error is here to listen!"
"Because I feel like I let Jake and everyone down." Diamanta replied
"In that battle I was the only one not able to take out my opponent. Blues took out Combusken, and Bagel took out Poliwag"
"Don't feel bad, Error doesn't win every battle!"
"I guess you're right, maybe I just need to redeem myself..." Diamanta trailed off.

"Error, can you help me train?" Diamanta asked.
The Carbink waited for a response for several seconds before asking again.
The Jewel Pokemon glanced up to see Error and Neku the Oddish running towards "her" in a panic.
"Diamanta! Watch out!" Error droned
Suddenly the Carbink felt somwthing grab "her" from above. Suddenly she felt a strong gust of wind and next thing "she" knew "she" was high above the ground.
"Help! Get me down, get me down!" Diamanta yelled at the Magnemite and Oddish below.

Neku and Error were shocked, the Carbink had just been snatched by a Fletchinder!
"I'll save you Diamanta!" Error droned before using "his" best Thunder Shockattack. However, despite the Magnemites best efforts, the Ember Pokemon avoided the attack with ease.
Angered, Error tried again and again to no avail.
Fed up with the Magnemite, the Fletchinder flew off towards the nearby forest.
"Come back here! Error isn't done with you yet!" Error droned before making haste towards the forest.

Meanwhile, Jake and Sophie, along with there Pokemon, had just finished lunch when they heard a cry for help.
"Help, help! Diamanta has been kidnapped! Error went to find her!" Neku called up to the base.
Jake quickly jumped out of his seat, and beckoned Sophie to follow him outside. Once outside the two found a very panicked Oddish.
"Diamantasbeen kidnapped, it'sallmyfault, weneedto help!" Neku cried
"Neku, slow down, Diamantas been kidnapped?!" Jake asked.
"Y-yes, this Fletchinder flew over and started a-attacking me, Error went to help a-and then it snatched Diamanta!" Neku explained.
"Where did it take her?" Jake questioned
"To the forest, we've got..." Neku didn't manage to finish his sentence as, somehow, the Weed Pokemon fell asleep.

Jake rolled his eyes before looking over at Sophie.
"Diamantas been kidnapped by a wild Pokemon, it's taken her to the nearby forest." Jake translated.
"Well then what are we waiting for, let's go!" Sophie yelled before running towards the forest.
Jake gave a brief nod before following right behind her.

Though the Fletchinder was fast, Error was right on it's tail as the Magnet Pokemon followed it into the forest. Strangely, the Ember Pokemon didn't go far in before stopping to take a break on one of the many branches. Despite this, Diamanta didn't dare try and escape. "She" knew if "she" did, the Fletchinder would easily catch "her". Instead "she" waited, hoping that Error would find "her".
And find "her" "he" did, only a few moments after the Ember Pokemons rest had Error caught up.

"That's it you fiend, give over Diamanta right now!" Error commanded
The Fletchinder glanced at the puny Magnemite and laughed.
"We'll see who has the last laugh, take this! Error droned.
The Magnemites body started to crackle and Spark with electricity, quickly "he" slammed into the Ember Pokemon.

The Fletchinder gave a small cry before dropping Diamanta.
"Diamanta!" Error droned before rushing over to the Carbink.
However, before "he" reached "her" the Magnemite met a Flame Charge
in the side. It was Errors turn to let out a cry before getting sent several feet back. "Error!" Diamanta called out.
Not one to give in, Error slowly started to rise, before getting hit with another Flame Charge
"No, Error!" Diamanta called once more.
This time the Magnemite didn't get up.
Angered, the Carbink quickly slammed into the ground, throwing several rocks into the fire birds face. The Fletchinder wasn't prepared for that. The impact left it hurt and stunned for a few seconds.
Trying to regain it's ground, the Fletchinder slammed a steel hard wing into the Jewel Pokemons body.

Giving all "his" energy, Error rose once more, clearly angry!"
"I won't let you hurt Diamanta!" Error droned.
Laughing once more, the Ember Pokemon let loose a Flamethrower from it's beak.
Error didn't even flinch and took the super effective attack head on.
Diamanta looked onwards as the flames covered the Magnet Pokemons body.

Suddenly, from the beam of fire came an intense glow, in the shape of a Magnemite! Diamanta could only watch as the form grew slightly larger.
On the bottom left and right side of the Magnemite, two more similar forms appeared. The light then dispeled the flames revealing a Magneton.

Without wasting anytime, Error put his newfound strength to the test, the Magneton started sparking with electricity.
"Take this!" Error droned before slamming "himself" into the the Fletchinder.

That was the final blow, the ember Pokemon gave one last cry before falling to the ground.
"Error, you did it!" Diamanta cheered.
"It wasn't all me, you helped too" Error replied.

Suddenly the two Pokemon could hear voices coming from behind them.
"Error! Diamanta!" Jake called.
"Over there!" Sophie pointed as she noticed the two.
"Error! Diamanta, are you to ok?" Jake asked as he got closer.
"I was so wo-Error! You evolved!" Jake exclaimed.

"He evolved to save me!" Diamanta replied.
"I'm just glad you two are save!" Jake said, hugging them both.
"It's a good thing we didn't have to go very far, I thought you would have been long gone...." Sophie added.
"How about we go home, you probably have quite the story to tell..." Jake said before smiling.
With that Sophie, Jake, Diamanta and Error headed back to the base...
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