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Name: Clara
Gender: Female
Species: Vulpix
Obtained: Starter in Pokeball
Level: 14
Ability: Drought
Nature: Naive
Item: Spell Tag
Biography: Clara is the pokemon brought home by Big's Mom. She was caught very young so she doesn't know much of the world but she trusts her trainer because he seems very smart. At least to her.

-Level up: Ember, Tail whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Fire spin, confuse ray, Will O' Wisp
-Egg/Tutor: Hex, Heat Wave
-Tm/Hm: *Scald, Hidden Power Rock

Name: Howard
Gender: Male
Species: Psyduck
Obtained: Caught @ Level 4 in Slowpoke Well in Pokeball
Level: 13
Ability: Damp
Nature: Calm
Item: TwistedSpoon
Biography: Native to the Slowpoke well in Azalea, Howard helped Big in his first ever battle against a group of poachers. Calm and analytical about most things, Howard will keep a cool head, even when his teammates or trainer might not. (Which is ironic given the blazing chronic headache he has as a species.)

-Level up: Water Sport, Scratch, Tail whip, Water Gun, Disable, Confusion, Fury Swipes
-Egg/Tutor: Confuse Ray, Ice Beam
-Tm/Hm: Scald, *Cut, Hidden Power Fire

Name: Brittany
Gender: Female
Species: Foongus
Obtained: Caught @ Level 8 in Ilex Forest in Pokeball
Level: 13
Ability: Effect Spore
Nature: Brave
Item: Leftovers
Biography: Hailing from the Ilex Forest, Brittany used to hang around a mushroom pokemon plantation run by a shady character named Brenden. Big happened upon the ranch and was enlisted to help find what might be scaring the pokemon and when Big asked the locals for help Brittany answered the call by providing the first vital clue to the mystery. She then traveled with big for a while and tried to assist in capturing Brenden in the end but the trainer was too slick for them. She decided to come along with Big to help make up for the fact that she couldn't capture Brenden. She is very inquisitive and always cheerful, and often can bring up the mood of Big and his other pokemon no matter the occasion.

-Level up: Absorb, Growth, Astonish, Bide
-Egg/Tutor: Stun Spore, Rollout
-Tm/Hm: Hidden Power Flying
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