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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Keith walked into the Cable Club, with Meowth seated on his shoulder as usual, and his two Qwilfish in his arms, carefully positioned as usual so their spikes weren't posing any sort of problem. Not that Keith was noticing this- he was still trying to process just what exactly was about to happen. It all started earlier that morning- during a training battle against Helena and Joy, Keith had used Hannah, his female Qwilfish, and ended up losing because, in a first for him, he had to quickly consult his Pokédex to remind himself of the moves the Qwilfish knew.

Hebenon, the stronger of Keith's Qwilfish, looked at his sister, a heavy expression on his face. Much as he hated the idea of his little sister leaving the team, a part of him knew it was for the best. Keith was a spectacular Trainer, he knew this for a fact, and was prepared to fight anybody who claimed otherwise... but his mere presence meant that Hannah would forever be overshadowed. Of course, Keith actively attempted to not make Hannah feel left out, and both Qwilfish were grateful for this, but the incident that morning cemented that fact in Hebenon's mind like nothing else could've.

"Hebenon... are you sure this is for the best?" Keith asked.

"Qwil," Hebenon nodded resolutely, though his voice shook somewhat. "Qwilfish fish, Qwilfish. Qwil qwil fish Qwilfish."

"Hebenon's sayin' dat he can't be takin' care o' Hannah ferever," Meowth translated. "She needs ta be on a team where she ain't gonna be livin' in her big brother's shadow, a team where she'd be able ta get stronger and make a name fer herself."

Keith nodded, though with tears in his eyes. "I suppose there's something to that," he conceded. "Hannah... are you gonna be OK with this?" he asked.

As he looked down, even in the current atmosphere, Keith could not help but smile, for his female Qwilfish was giving him a reassuring smile. "Fish Qwilfish!" Hannah replied reassuringly.

At last, they reached the trade machine. Keith placed his two Qwilfish atop the device, and looked at the younger of the two. He never dreamed he'd be trading Hannah away, but deep down he knew Hebenon was right. This, after all, was the first time he had forgotten any of his Pokémon's attacks. Moreover, at several points in the battle, he had to stop himself from ordering Hannah to use Fire Spin, Dark Void, and Thunderbolt- he had come close to actually confusing his two Qwilfish. Besides which, Keith realized that in the end, he'd be letting another Trainer realize the joys of training a Qwilfish, and he knew that in doing that, he'd be doing right by Hebenon.

"Well, this is it, Hannah," Keith sighed. "Take care, alright? Jake's a good Trainer, you'll like him. In fact, I think you met that Bellsprout of his back when he visited the Secret Base," he added, unaware that the Bellsprout in question had since evolved.

"Fish! Qwilfish fish!" Hannah replied, happy at the prospect of seeing her friend Sprout again.

Just then, several flashes of light issued from Keith's belt. An Ivysaur materialized and extended a pair of vines, with which she pulled the female Qwilfish into a gentle yet friendly hug. To Keith's surprise, a Blue-Striped Basculin also appeared, this one materializing atop the trade machine, right next to Hannah.

"OK..." Pisces muttered, not looking directly at the Qwilfish, her tone indicating that while she was reluctant to say what she was about to say, she still meant every word. "I guess... I'm gonna... kinda... miss you. A little. Maybe," she finally managed to get out.

"I'll miss you too, Pisces," smiled Hannah.

The other two flashes of light from Keith's belt had formed into two more aquatic Pokémon- a Tentacruel and a Shiny Slowbro. The Tentacruel extended two of her tentacles, and, just as Pomona had done, pulled Hannah into a hug.

"Dudley miss Hannah," the Slowbro called up, a somewhat sad look in his normally vacant eyes.

"Mmmph. Mmmph, mmph mmmph," added Kenny, the golden spiral Shellder that was a permanent fixture of Dudley's tail, his eyes starting to tear up.

"I... I'm gonna miss ya," sniveled Meowth- it was all he could do to not burst into tears at this point.

"...We'll all miss you, Hannah," Keith murmured as he too hugged the Qwilfish. After owning Hebenon for close to a decade, hugging a Qwilfish and emerging unscathed from the experience was second nature to him by now. "...Goodbye," he sighed as he withdrew the Qwilfish and placed the Poké Ball on its designated slot on the trade machine. The switch was thrown, and in the ball's place there appeared several hundred Pokédollars. Keith pocketed the currency, not even looking at it- he was looking over at Jake's end of the machine, where Hannah was now arriving at her new Trainer.

And then, as Keith started to withdraw his other Pokémon, Hebenon vanished into thin air, his Teleport carrying him over to Jake's end of the trade machine.

"Jake... Take care of my little sister, OK?" Hebenon said to the Electric-type specialist. "Train her to be as strong as Keith trained me to be. And if she wants a hug, hug her. It's easier to avoid the spikes than you might think, and she loves to be hugged. And finally... don't underestimate her. Believe me, she's no weakling," he finished, managing a proud smile as he mentioned his little sister's battling skill.

Once all this was done, Keith scooped Hebenon back up in his arms. "Take good care of her, Jake," he said, before exiting the Cable Club, with one less Qwilfish than he had when he entered.

OOC: Trading my level 5 female Qwilfish with the following stats to ES for 300. Take good care of her.

*Trade Commenced*
(I'm so sorry for taking this long!)

It was yet another day in downtown Fizzytopia. The streets were bustling with activity. People were rushing to go to all sorts of shops that lined the streets. In the midst of the crowd was Jake. The young electric specialist seemed to be in quite the hurry, running down the sidewalk towards the Cable Club. Behind him was an Axew and Magnemite, trying to keep up with their trainer.

''We're finally here'' Jake sighed as he reached the front doors of the building.
Inside he could already see Kieth waiting next to one of the trading machines.
''Looks like we're late! Error doesn't like being late!'' The Magnemite droned.
''I can't wait to see my new teammate!'' Bagel the Axew exclaimed.
Jake chuckled at the two Pokemon before pushing open the Cable Club doors.

As usual the Cable Club was rather busy. As Jake approached the trading machine Keith was at, he spotted all kinds of trades. Pokemon for other Pokemon, candies for items, there was a lot going on today. Soon, Jake approached the trading machine. He quickly shuffled through his bag before pulling out 300
Jake placed the money on his side of the machine before pulling the switch. In a flash of light, the money was gone. In it's place rested a classic red and white Pokeball. Jake slowly grabbed the ball, before chucking it into the air. ''Alright Hannah, come on out!''
From the ball, the Qwilfish once again materialized. Bagel wasted no time running over to the Qwilfish. ''Hi! I'm Bagel, nice to meet you!'' The Axew said before giving a big smile.
''It's nice to meet you too!'' Hannah beamed. Suddenly, without warning, a Qwilfish appeared right next to Jake. Startled, Jake must have jumped a few inches.

''Oh, you're Keiths other Qwilfish!'' Jake said astounded. He remembered seeing the Qwilfish, back when he had first met Keith. He also remembered that the Qwilfish knew some strange moves, but Teleport? That was a new one.

"Jake... Take care of my little sister, OK?" Hebenon addressed him. "Train her to be as strong as Keith trained me to be. And if she wants a hug, hug her. It's easier to avoid the spikes than you might think, and she loves to be hugged. And finally... don't underestimate her. Believe me, she's no weakling," he finished, managing a proud smile as he mentioned his little sister's battling skill.
Jake smiled after hearing the Qwilfishs words.
''Don't worry, I will.''
Keith then scooped the Qwilfish into his arms. Keith then asked Jake to take care of Hannah, before exiting the Cable Club.
''I will'' Jake repeated to no one in particular. He then glanced down at the three Pokemon. Wait, make that four. Sprout the Weepinbell had somehow came out with him realizing it. Jake scratched his head in confusion. It didn't really matter though, the four seemed to be getting along great.
''Alright lets go home!'' Jake said with a smile before starting to walk away.
''Umm, Hannah can't walk...'' Bagel trailed off.
''I almost forgot! Sorry Hannah!'' Jake apologized before taking out her Pokeball.
''Can you carry me?'' Hannah asked,
''Umm, I guess so'' Jake said before walking around the Qwilfish, looking for where his arms could go.
Finally, Jake found a way to carry her, though slightly akwardly. With that, Jake and the others left the building.

Trading $300 to Missingno. Master in return for his level 5 female Qwilfish,
*Trade closed*
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