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This round just ends up full of failures D:

First, Nico is ordered to Roar, but ends up too focused on the pretty stars he's seeing to care. Pity, that. Immediately after, Warrior tries to ease his paralysis with Agility- only for that not to work, because it's electrical paralysis and that only works on physical paralysis. He will have a bit of a speed boost though, so I guess that's nice. Nico, while he would have been able to push through confusion this time around, upon hearing his orders, does nothing. He didn't pull off the Roar, so he isn't supposed to Charge Beam. Warrior then finishes the round by trying to meditate... and being distracted by the paralysis. Lovely.

Neither side took any damage. Nico used no energy and will be the fresher of the pair, but not by a whole lot. Warrior's paralysis is slightly lessened and he has a nifty little speed boost for when he can move more again. Likewise, Nico has found the slightest bit of clarity in his head, though he's still pretty confused.

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