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Crobat sleeps while Rattata and Gengar are awake and ready for action. Gengar jumps ahead with an Atonish, stunning the Rattata a bit. Gengar uses this opportune time to start to gather a large amount of fighting energy in its fist. However Atonish doesn't keep it from acting long enough to eat a Dynamic Punch as Rattata quickly lets out a Thunderwave! Gengar cant finish charging up the move as it stands there, helpless!

This gives Rattata enough time to start to gather even more psychic energy as Gengar looks mighty pissed off (and paralyzed) as Rattata charges forward with a Zen Headbutt! The Gengar takes a mighty blow and looks rather beaten up, but is still standing somehow! With its first attack interrupted, it goes for its second attack, an Ice Punch! The sleeping Pokemon takes the attack and cannot take any more!

Crobat has been KOed!

Rattata, with the bat part of batrat down looks for vengeance. It lets out a mighty Uproar to show its anger. While that attack is not a particularly powerful one, it is enough to drop the ghost down.

Gengar has been KOed!

Kuno-chan: And with that, the 4th GM is now over. Let's look at the results:

The prizes will be as follows:

The top four placing trainers: Stealthy, Firewater (his partner), Mozz and Mirror (his partner) will all be automatically seeded into the next GM (allowing them to avoid the randomization process). Stealthy will also receive 10 TP, Firewater will receive 8 TP, Mozz will receive 6 TP and Mirror will receive 4 TP.

Also, top 4 winners will receive a discount on their next Mega Token purchase. 1st and 2nd place can buy one for 5 SP and 3rd and 4th can purchase one for 10 SP. This applies for one purchase only.

And of course, the big prize. Stealthy will be able to choose one of the three specially sigged Pokemon below. The second place winner, Firewater, can choose one of the two remaining Pokemon. Mozz will receive the prize left over. The prizes are:

This Aegislash is a prize for ranking first, second, or third in the Spring 2015 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Attack: Spite Sword (Ghost)
Aegislash has been trained to learn Spite Sword, an attack which works like Slash, but deals Solid ghost damage. In addition to this, the attack also leaves a sort of curse on the opponent. Spite Sword will also remove a Good amount of type energy of the last move the enemy used. The damage dealt and energy removed are both effected by weaknesses and resistances.

This Forretress is a prize for ranking first, second, or third in the Spring 2015 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training: Levitation (Normal)
After intense training, Forretress is now considered to be naturally adept at levitation. It can move at faster speeds than previously and is quite agile. However, while its naturally low flight ceiling is a bit higher, it is still lower than average.

This Empoleon is a prize for ranking first, second, or third in the Spring 2015 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Attack: Emperors Judgment (Water/Steel)
Three times per battle, Empoleon is capable of using Judgment. It will be able to choose water or steel type for this move. However the attack will be much more limited in use than the normal Judgment. The area of effect will be rather small, and there will be no godly arena effects. The energy shards will not alter or damage the arena, it will only be able to damage Pokemon.

In addition to the TP gained above, dealing the most damage to a Pokemon will score you a KO. Below are a list of the KOs earned and rewards for them:

4 KO/8 TP for Stealthy (Pidgeot, Dusclops, Glalie, Gengar)
3 KO/6 TP for Miror (Chatot, Xatu, Magmortar)
2 KO/4 TP for Mozz (Hydreigon, Crobat)
2 KO/4 TP for Dave (Lickilicky, Gothorita)
2 KO/4 TP for Zelphon (Sawsbuck, Froslass)
2 KO/4 TP for KamenAeons (Honchkrow, Sableye)
1 KO/2 TP for Deebs (Zangoose)
1 KO/2 TP for Charminions (Nidoking)
1 KO/2 TP for EAI (Golurk)
1 KO/2 TP for Lost (Kirlia)
1 KO/2 TP for Rotomotorz (Electivire)
1 KO/2 TP for MewTheGato (Togetic)
1 KO/2 TP for RealMrGame10 (Blastoise)
1 KO/2 TP for Sneeze (Misdreavus)
1 KO/2 TP for Celebii151 (Spiritomb)
1 KO/2 TP for Whimsy (Infernape)

Thank you for putting up with me and any sort of mistakes/problems with the GM. Every GM is a learning experience and as refs we try to inprove each time.

Please stay tuned on Friday for a special GM related announcement.
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