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Wonderful AMA with Yu Suzuki.

Still haven't donated but probably will soon. Going to go for the physical PC copy of the game. I'm not big into PC gaming but it's simply undeniable that the possibilities with PC gaming are far more robust than they are for console. (One example that someone in the AMA brings up is the use of VR goggles to explore the world of Shenmue III. Fans can make it happen on PC whether Yu does or doesn't, but on PS4 fans will be at the mercy of Team Ys Net's whims.)

A lot of people, including that Forbes guy, are clamoring for fans to quit donating to this kickstarter because they see it as a scam given Sony's now well-publicized involvement in funding Shenmue III. But what I don't think these people realize is, $60 that nets you a pre-ordered copy of the game, possibly with limited/collector's edition box art, is no scam at all to Shenmue fans. Why not pre-order two years in advance if it means funding development on the game? This thing is too big to fail to be completed. (Fail to satisfy, maybe, easily. But fail to even give us a finished product in some form, hell no.) I'm not scared I'll never see my money again on this investment and I don't think anyone else needs to be scared either.

Suzuki-sensei says some things in the AMA that really make me go all "". I'm most excited about:

Spoiler: show
Spoiler for the very, very end of Shenmue II:

Spoiler: show
the hinted-at possibility that the evolution of Ryo's martial arts style may involve the incorporation of Chinese swordsmanship. Oh hell yeah!
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