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Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
The kickstarter was used as an expression of interest from the fans and if they were able to fund the $2 million through kickstarter, Sony was going to fund the rest of the money (Which would be a lot more than 2 million).
That's comforting. Because let's be honest: I love Yū-sensei to pieces, but those character designs have got to be polished up before 2017. ^^; C'mon, Sony. Ryo doesn't even look like himself anymore! ^^;;;;; Shenhua's not too swell either, but Ryo really stands out like a sore thumb. Here's hoping that Sony throwing money at the project will translate to the talented character designer(s) being able to give more attention to nailing the character models in a "your expectations from 1 and 2 meet with our modern expectations of how game characters should look on a cutting-edge console" kind of way. See: the jump from DOA4 to DOA5 for an example of what I'm talking about. No one Hardly anyone hates how DOA5 Kasumi or Ayane look. They look great, even if they don't look as "anime-ey" as they did on older consoles. The same can be done for Ryo and Shenhua as well: preserving their "sameness" of facial features while somehow translating them from the more cartoon-ey look on the DreamCast to a more real-life look on the PS4 and PC.

This Forbes guy raises concerns that Suzuki can't produce the Shenmue game fans want on a budget of only $2,000,000 when the original Shenmue cost between $49 million and $70 million to produce. He seems very confident that, behind the scenes, Sony and Suzuki have reached an agreement where Sony will fund the production of Shenmue III provided the Kickstarter succeeds. Given that the Kickstarter succeeded in under half a day (of 31 allotted), it's likely that if what the Forbes guy thinks is true really has happened, then Sony will surely offer Suzuki the funding he needs to make Shenmue III an instant classic for the PS4.

... Which brings us full circle, I suppose, to whether it's better to own Shenmue III for PC or for PS4. Will Sony, after having invested so heavily in Shenmue III's success (if Forbes Guy is right), really be so willing to see all of the love settle down on the PC version and to watch as the PS4 version gathers dust just as its predecessors did? There's no way that Sony is willing to allow themselves to become the next Sega. So what, then, will they do to ensure that that doesn't happen? Only time will tell, I suppose.
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