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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Well, you're a little off - the kickstarter was actually launched last night during Sony's E3 conference and it crashed the Kickstarter website, but being funded $2M in just 12 hours is still a monumental feat. The announcement was totally out of left field, I don't think anyone saw it coming, much less immediately following the announcement there was going to be a FFVII remake, which was announced just after The Lastr Guardian, no less. Some people couldn't handle the announcement even on live stream.
Yeah, found this out via Twitter readings at lunch. It's okay, I can edit the OP post later. That stated, I did read that:
  1. they reached $1,000,000 in funding in 1 hour 40 minutes
  2. this record has only been beaten once in the entire history of Kickstarter, i.e. Shenmue III is the second-fastest Kickstarter to ever reach $1,000,000 as of this writing
So yeah. While it may have taken about nine hours to reach $2,000,000, it's still one of the fastest fundings of this scale in the history of the site.

Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
My only issue with it was that Sony offered to give them the announcement but they were essentially asking fans to foot the bill, almost like saying to the developer "we don't feel comfortable enough funding this ourselves because we don't trust it will sell", though being a PS4 and PC exclusive I imagine Sony will probably invest into it somewhat especially after seeing the mind blowing Kickstarter funding.
Sony honestly "screwed the pooch" [/overly dramatic] on this one by not committing to physical PS4 copies on the Kickstarter page. They probably will try to now in the next few days, but it'll create a clusterfuck of canceled and resubmitted Kickstarter orders if they do, I reckon. Speaking for myself, a big reason I am leaning towards the $60 and $100 packages is that I want a physical copy of the game and the cheapest way to get one, these two offers, comes with the option of a physical PC game but no such physical PS4 game. "You can have a digital PS4 or PC copy for $30," says Sony, "or you can have physical PC for $60, or you can have physical PC + stuff for $100, or you can have digital PS4 + stuff for $100." No physical PS4 options period. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally stupid. Pushes me towards PC copy ownership + getting a new computer for $800+ instead of PS4 copy ownership + getting a new PS4 for $399.99. Oh well. Sony's loss! ^^;

But yeah, "screwed the pooch" is far too dramatic, I think. There'll be tons of people who hear about the hype from the Internet, already own a PS4, and will flock to the retail stores like Best Buy on launch day to get a physical copy of the game.

I haven't kickfunded it yet but only because:
  1. I have faith that they won't pull the rug out from under me by closing funding in the next few weeks; I trust that they will allow me to still get the $100 pledge or at least the $60 pledge, both of which currently offer unlimited slots, so long as I do so prior to July 17
  2. I am wanting to give this a few days just to see what fellow fans in the fandom have to say about PC version vs. PS4 version prospects
Personally, I'd rather play it on a console ... but I think the PC version is the smarter purchase. More open to patches and other support, more amenable to fan mods (if I so desire), and above all else more likely to be timelessly accessible (vs. the PS4 version being dead after we hit PS6 two gens from now). That's a big thing with my XBox copy of Shenmue II -- it's sure as hell not supported on XBox One, or even if it is, that means I'd have to buy an XBone just to play it still (since I have no XBox anymore). Whereas if my Shenmue II copy had been a PC copy for, say, Windows 2000/ME/XP? Then I'd still be able to play it today. And "forever and ever."
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