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Well, you're a little off - the kickstarter was actually launched last night during Sony's E3 conference and it crashed the Kickstarter website, but being funded $2M in just 12 hours is still a monumental feat. The announcement was totally out of left field, I don't think anyone saw it coming, much less immediately following the announcement there was going to be a FFVII remake, which was announced just after The Lastr Guardian, no less. Some people couldn't handle the announcement even on live stream.

My only issue with it was that Sony offered to give them the announcement but they were essentially asking fans to foot the bill, almost like saying to the developer "we don't feel comfortable enough funding this ourselves because we don't trust it will sell", though being a PS4 and PC exclusive I imagine Sony will probably invest into it somewhat especially after seeing the mind blowing Kickstarter funding.
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