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As Batrach neared the mountain, she noticed a Skarmory flying her way. She recognized him from the Park- it was Icarus, one of Mia's teammates- but Icarus didn't seem to recognize her. Of course, she had evolved into Unfezant since they had last met, that would do it, of course... Still, she figured she'd at least see if Icarus would remember her. "Hi, Icarus," cawed Batrach. "You remember me, right? Is Mia around?" She knew of Icarus's tendency to hit on anything with feathers, so she'd be amused to see whether he'd actually remember her.


Meanwhile, as Keith and Helena drew closer, they could spot a couple of Pokémon already being greeted by Hyrem at his front door. Keith frowned in concentration- one of them was a male Jellicent, he knew. His first thought was that it could be Ethan's Jellicent, but then he spotted the Ninetales, and something clicked into place in his mind.

"Hey-" Helena began. "Are those-"

"-Bedivere and Aislyn? I think they might be," Keith finished, his eyes widening. "Bedivere must've evolved. And if they're here, that must mean Marion's here. And if Marion's here, then maybe, just maybe-"

But before Keith could finish this hopeful thought (though judging by his rapidly rising levels of hopefulness and eagerness, Helena had a shrewd idea just what this thought was), he was distracted by the minor detail of the large blue winged dragon jumping out in front of him and roaring menacingly. "WAH!" Keith exclaimed, having jumped what had to be a foot in the air at this decidedly unexpected spectacle. "What the hell-" he began, taking out his Pokédex and aiming it at the creature.

"Salamence, the Dragon Pokémon, and the evolved form of Shelgon," droned the device. "Salamence's wings are said to be the result of a chemical reaction to the Bagon's strong desire to fly. If it is enraged, it attacks with sharp claws and burning flames."

Keith stared at the Salamence. He hadn't figured that he'd have to fight a damn dragon en route to his friend's Secret Base, but fortunately, he came prepared all the same. Keith plucked a Poké Ball off his belt and hit the button, bringing it to full size with a whirring sound. "Dudley, I choose you! Go!" Keith shouted, throwing the ball, which split open to unleash a bright blue Slowbro on the ground before him.

"Sloooow," yawned Dudley. As he yawned, several blue stars swirled around him, accompanied by a distinctive sparkling noise, the universal sign of a Shiny Pokémon. Dudley stared vacantly at the Salamence before him, oblivious to any danger. The Shellder on his tail, on the other hand, reacted quite differently; Kenny's eyes bulged and he muffled urgently, the spiral shell shuddering and wobbling violently as he tried to catch Dudley's attention.

"Keith, wait," Helena said suddenly. "Didn't you hear the Pokédex? Salamence is the evolved form of Shelgon."

"The evolved form of-" Keith began, before the meaning of what Helena was saying sank in. "...Right. Hyrem had a Shelgon, that day at the Bar," he remembered. "You think this Salamence and that Shelgon are one and the same?"

"I think so," Helena nodded. "Especially since I'm not sensing any anger from this one... it's just trying to get a reaction out of you. I've spent enough time around Myrtle to know exactly what that tastes like. Dudley, Kenny, it's OK," Helena added to the Slowbro. "The Salamence is just trying to scare us." Dudley did not react, though Keith could have sworn he heard Kenny give a relieved sigh.

Keith leaned off to his side, closer to Helena. "And Kenny is...?" he muttered.

"The Shellder on Dudley's tail," Helena whispered back. "Luna told us his name. Apparently he's pleasant to talk to, but gets a bit impatient with Dudley sometimes."

"Ah," nodded Keith. Then, he stepped forward to address the Salamence. Now that he was at least reasonably sure that this Dragon-type belonged to Hyrem, he didn't feel quite so scared (though he still made sure Dudley was in front of him, just in case). "So, you must be Wendy, then," Keith said to the Salamence, switching to Shuppet language. "I gotta admit, you had me pretty scared there. Congratulations on evolving."

"Could you please let us through?" Helena added.

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