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Alright, let's hope this goes a bit better for me than our last match. No mercy.

1. Starmie, "Gem" (N), level 4 (uplevel)
Biography: Gem has been one of Joshua’s most consistently useful, powerful and reliable partners over his career, but her (despite being genderless, she identifies as female) backstory is surprisingly ordinary. She was fished up off the shores of Yupien, and was captured after a hard fought battle with his Butterfree, Nectar. Upon being struck with Nectar’s Giga Drain, Gem realised that this was a weakness she needed to compensate for, and decided to tap into the true power of the mysterious mineral in her centre in order to turn this power against future opponents.
Signature: Power Drain (typeless)
Gem fires a group of red energy tendrils from the ruby in her centre that wrap around the opponent and drain their energy, similar to Giga Drain. However, while functioning similarly, this move drains the opponent’s offtype energy, in order to feed Gem’s energy of the same type. While it can drain an opponent’s type energy when her energy for the same type is full, it cannot exceed her normal limits. Power Drain can be ordered to be any type, in the format “Power Drain: [Type]” but cannot drain the opponent’s general energy or whatever their type is (ie, Power Drain: Electric cannot drain an Electric type’s energy). This move counts as a draining move and contributes towards diminishing returns, initially draining Heavy energy. Power Drain may be used twice per battle.
Hidden Power: Ground

2. Nidorina, "Amélie", (F), level 3
Biography: TBC
Signature: TBC
Hidden Power: Grass

3. Medicham, "Warrior", (M), level 3
Biography: TBC
Signature: TBC
Hidden Power: Steel

4. Abomasnow, "Yeti" (M), level [email protected]
Biography: TBC
Signature: TBC
Hidden Power: Ground

5. Bouffalant, "Desperado" (M), level 3
Biography: This rough, tough, western buffalo is most known for his constant chewing of pebbles. SoS is yet to tell him that the cowboys of old chewed tobacco, rather than stones, but this is arguably better for his teeth anyway. Zing. From the plains of a land known as Yupien, Desperado, rather than living as part of a horde, travelled around alone, attempting to solve the problems of the plains. But no man is an island, and it's no different for Bouffalant. Desperado proved to be somewhat inept on his own, leading to his being captured while alone by SoS. As part of his "crack squad", he has come to serve as one of the heavy hitters and a powerful force to be reckoned with, known for particularly with his ability to aim precisely at a target and spit one of his chewed pebbles for spectacular effect.
Signature: Special Training - The Enemy is Your Spittoon Now
Desperado can now use Smack Down and has the required offtype energy to do so up to three times per match by spitting a pebble at his opponent.
Hidden Power: Fairy

6. Volbeat, "Reid" (M), level 3
Biography: The unofficial leader of Joshua’s “boog squad”, Reid spent most of his time in his youth hanging around a lake near Steam Cave, where Volbeat and Illumise frolic regularly and freely. The magic of the Time Gear, however, seems to have had an impact on Reid’s abilities, imbuing him with the power of the lake… before transporting him to Yupien. Because… Primal Dialga realised how broken he would be in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. He was then rescued by Joshua, with no memories of his previous life, or understanding of his watery abilities.
Signature: Steam Lake's Power
Reid, thanks to the influence of the Time Gear on Steam Lake, has learned Octazooka and Crabhammer, which he can use as a punch. In order to use these moves effectively, he is now familiar with the Water type. However, between this, and his time travelling adventures, he has lost the ability to use Solar Beam, Zen Headbutt and Shadow Ball.
Hidden Power: Ground

I'll be leading with Warrior.
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