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Steelix Old Friends Drop By! What Wendy Considers Guard Duty!

Resting his head on his coils close by the door, Kilogram watched as two Pokemon he had never seen before approached the base and tensed up for a moment, wondering if these Pokemon had hostile intentions, but near the giant Steelix was Sarkhan, who recognized the Ninetales's scent despite it being a while since he had seen her. "Cool it, Kilo," the Druddigon grunted softly to Kilogram, "these two're a'ight." He then turned to the two visitors and smirked. "Yo, long time no see. He's inside; go ahead 'n knock, I'll let ya surprise 'im."

Meanwhile, inside, Hyrem was sitting on the couch downstairs when he heard three knocks on the door, then Laika running towards it, barking at whoever was out there as usual, though the Mightyena seemed more excited about it this time. It was then that Hyrem heard a peculiar laugh; while certainly deeper, it could only belong to one Pokemon. He opened the door to find a large Jellicent floating alongside a Ninetales, and he couldn't help but recognize them. "Bedivere! Aislyn! How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while! So if you two are here that means Marion's with you, right?" Laika stood by Hyrem, panting excitedly and glancing up at him occasionally, wondering when he would be allowed to visit with Aislyn.


As for Icarus, he hadn't noticed the commotion below, for he was fixated on a beautiful Unfezant flying towards the mountain. She had to have seen him, right? Well, even if she didn't, he would make sure she did by introducing himself, so he took off from his roost and soared over to her. "Hello, gorgeous~" he trilled with a wink. "The name's Icarus, what brings you out here today?"

Down below, Wendy had been taking a light nap while guarding the roadway leading to Hyrem's base when she could smell the presence of a human crossing her path, and she opened her eyes to find that it was a trainer with a cowboy hat and a Shuppet running towards the part of the road where she was. She recognized the young man from her outing with Hyrem in the bar back when she was a Shelgon, but she had evolved recently enough that he might not have been warned by Hyrem about her...this could be her chance to scare the pants off of him! She grinned a little before jumping out from the brush and blocking the young man's path, Roaring at him and the Shuppet and hoping that her ambush caught them off guard...

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