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I enjoyed the hell out of episode 100. It was really forced in some areas, but I still think it was more good than bad.

(episode 100 spoiler)
Spoiler: show
The biggest "bad" for me was just how forced the Bonbon/Lyra thing was. The entire scene with them got a big "eeeeeeehhhhhh....." from me.

Dr. Whooves was awesome. I didn't see much from him in fanworks, so I didn't expect much from the guy, but I thought he was the best part of the episode. I loved his outburst at the end.

I found Shining Armor's bawling more amusing than I should have.

Derpy was cute as always. Let's hope she doesn't get C&D'd again.

I liked the main 6 being shut out of the wedding more than I should have.
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