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For some reason, I've been keeping up with Season 5 for no reason other than it's still a show I can kinda turn by brain off on (kinda not really, I still pick up on stuff they do well and don't do well, but idk what to call it at this point) and idly watch, kinda like when I get lost on random youtube video game Top 10's instead of watching anime that I want to watch. It's something I can do without much effort, and I admittedly still want to watch the show until it burns out, mainly to see what happens to it rather than because I still enjoy as much as I used to.

But anyways, the 100th episode hit today, and I can definitely say that if you've been involved in the fandom at all, or enjoy the background characters at all, then check out at least this episode. It's got some flaws, some pretty jarring, but overall it's a well done 22 minute fanservice bj with a few exceptional parts.

This basically sums it all up:

Spoiler: show
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