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A Skrelp's Story

"...And that should do it," Keith said with a smile as the last of the half dozen disc-shaped objects broke in half and fell away from what appeared to be a large piece of rotten, dead seaweed. And then, the aforementioned piece of seaweed turned to look at Keith, with large, red eyes. It was, in fact, a Skrelp, and the broken discs littering the floor around it were used Technical Machines, which had been used to teach the Skrelp Sludge Wave, Protect, Rain Dance, Shadow Ball, Scald, and Thunderbolt.

"Skrelp! Skreeelp!" Neville said happily, the knowledge of half a dozen brand new moves swirling around his mind. He then started hopping up and down on his tail fin, holding him upright on dry land like some kind of raggedy tripod. "Skrelp! Skrelp!" he exclaimed.

"Neville's sayin' he wants a battle," Meowth translated to Keith. "Learnin' dem moves has got him all fired up."

"I hear that," Keith nodded with a grin. "But right now it's lunchtime," he added.

"Ooh, yeah!" Meowth added, now sounding excited. "Didn't Hermione mention sometin' about bacon cheeseburgers?"

"I do believe so," Keith nodded. "Let's see if we can help, hmm?"

"I'm all fer dat!" Meowth replied, and the two of them exited the living room.

Neville did not look disappointed- he was eager to battle, sure, but it didn't take him very long to recognize just how amazing of a cook Keith's Weedle was, so right now, he was a bit more eager to eat. He hopped out of the room and across the hall into the room which contained Keith's indoor pool. Hoping to pass the time with a good swim, the Skrelp hopped in.

"Hi, Neville," came a voice. The Poison/Water-type turned to his left, and saw a Qwilfish swimming his way.

"Oh! Hi, Hebenon," Neville greeted the Qwilfish. "Keith just finished teaching me some new moves!"

"Good for you," smiled Hebenon. "What attacks?"

"Um... Sludge Wave, Scald, Protect, Rain Dance, Shadow Ball, and Thunderbolt," recited Neville. "I think he said something about teaching me Hidden Power next week, too."

"Doesn't surprise me," replied the Qwilfish. "Keith likes to teach Hidden Power to everything on the team. It helps Hermione out- she's been reading up on the research someone did about Hidden Power and how the type is chosen, and likes comparing those findings to what types of Hidden Power we all got. My own Hidden Power type is Dragon, and while she didn't tell me what it meant, she also didn't sound very surprised by it." The Qwilfish bore an expression that suggested he'd have shrugged his shoulders if he had any. "I don't get it, but Hidden Power's a useful move in any case, so none of us really mind. Hey, Neville," he added.

"Hmm?" said the Skrelp.

"You came from the Kalos region, right?" said Hebenon. "Rubeus mentioned something to that effect..."

"Yeah, I did," nodded Neville.

"What's Kalos like, anyway?" asked Hebenon. "The Fizzytopia region's all I've ever seen. Well, I also saw a little bit of the sea of Kanto, but I was more focused on fending off a Gyarados than anything else at that time..."

"Oh, Kalos is great," Neville replied. "It's a beautiful region, and not just under the sea, either. I lived just off the region's west coast, and when I poked my head out of the water, I could always see these huge cliffs beyond the beach. I have a bunch of brothers and sisters, but they were all caught by Trainers... I envied them, actually- I wanted to be caught by a Trainer too, cuz I know they can help make Pokémon the best they can be." Hebenon nodded his agreement with this sentiment.

"And then, one day," continued Neville, "I see this weird thing in the water wiggling around. I don't know what it was, but it looked appetizing. But once I closed my mouth over it, I realized that whatever it was was on a hook, and I was yanked out of the water by some human with fishing gear, and I was put in this tank of water along with a bunch of Clauncher, Binacle, and even other Skrelp. Nobody I knew, though. Then the tank was put into one of those things the humans use to get around, it makes noise and has those weird round things on the bottom..."

"A truck?" Hebenon suggested.

"I think that's what they called it," nodded Neville. "Anyway, it was dark in there, and I must've fell asleep, because once I woke up, I was in a pond in that Friend Safari place. Not long after I woke up, I started to explore the place, and that's when I came across that guy with his Abomasnow and Swampert. From the looks of his Pokémon I figured he was a capable Trainer, so I went to him, wanting to see if I was right. And I was! His Pokémon are very skilled," Neville said happily. "So he ended up catching me, but... I never felt quite right on that team," he added with a shiver. "His Duskull gives me the creeps, and I get the feeling his Honchkrow and Shadow Zangoose hated me... well, more like they hated the Poison type in general, but I'm probably imagining things there," he muttered. "Anyway, Alex eventually decided I'd be better off with Keith, since he's apparently a master of Poison-types, and here I am," he concluded.

"Wow," murmured Hebenon. "And he was right, by the way- Keith is very good with Poison-types. You're going to get very strong being on this team, Neville."

"That's what I'm hoping!" Neville nodded happily. "I know I don't look like much now, but I really wanna evolve someday- I turn into a Dragon-type when I evolve!"

"So, what, a Poison/Dragon-type?" asked Hebenon. "That sounds pretty cool."

"Yeah!" came another voice. Neville and Hebenon turned to look- a large Haxorus had just entered the room. Norbert's height wasn't too far off from Keith's, so he was still able to be indoors- he just had to be careful to not damage anything with his tail or tusks. "It'd be so cool to have another Dragon on the team!"

Neville said nothing at the moment, merely looking up at Norbert in awe- Norbert was already a Dragon-type, and an obviously strong one at that, and as far as the Skrelp was concerned, that made him more than worth looking up to.

"Hey, Neville," Norbert added. "After lunch, you wanna train with me?"

"Yeah!" Neville exclaimed happily, actually leaping out of the pool with excitement.

Before Norbert could respond to this, however, Keith's voice rang throughout the house. "Lunch is on!" he bellowed.

"All right!" exclaimed all three Pokémon at once. Norbert opened his mouth to offer to carry Neville to the kitchen, but the Skrelp was already hopping down the hallway on his ragged tail fin. Smiling at the Skrelp's eagerness, Norbert exited the room himself, looking forward to training with Neville later, while Hebenon shimmered and then vanished into thin air, opting to Teleport into the kitchen.

*Neville learned Sludge Wave!*

*Neville learned Protect!*

*Neville learned Rain Dance!*

*Neville learned Shadow Ball!*

*Neville learned Scald!*

*Neville learned Thunderbolt!*

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