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Gallade Med's PASBL Credentials 2.630

Trainer Level:2
Trainer Points:71
Knock Outs:23
Service Points: 5
8 W/12 L/0 D
C Grade Ref

My Struggles for Victory:

The Tales of Others' Clashes:

Teh Squadren of Mana (19/19):
Spoiler: show
Cherie, Lv. 3 female shiny Slurpuff
HP: Ice

Kunsei, Lv. 3 male shiny Nidorino
HP: Flying
The shiny clause has perplexed many minds over the centuries, and Kunsei is no exception. Rather than attempt to figure out how it happens (do you really think a spiky quadruped can handle lab equipment?), he searched for a way to put the sparklies to good use. His search may not of yielded any results yet, Kunsei did learn new ways to channel energy.
Signature Training: Avatar of Starlight
Spoiler: show
Kunsei's search for ways to utilize his shiny sparkly shininess to use in battle has resulted in him learning how to use Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon. He gains enough fairy-type energy to use Dazzling Gleam twice per battle and receives the usual boost to steel-type energy obtained by knowing more than one move of that type. Kunsei refuses to do anything that would dull his awesome sparkliness, and will not use Mud-Slap, Dig, or Rain Dance.

Clyde, Lv. 2 male Gligar
HP: Fairy

Medina, Lv. 2 female Marshtomp
HP: Fire

Magnera, Lv. 2 genderless Magnemite
HP: Water
Magnera spent a large chunk of it's existence living in an iron factory, until the workers finally discovered it and chased it off. Unbeknownst to them, Magnera had developed a battle technique inspired by their line of work.
Signature Attack: Smith's Cannon (Fire/Steel)
Spoiler: show
Magnera charges a large orb of heavy energy, half fire and half steel, and hurls it at the target for major damage with a 50% of causing a burn. The orb looks like a sphere of molten metal and travels at a speed somewhere between a Fire Blast and a Zap Cannon, making it fairly easy to avoid. The orb explodes on impact, however, causing a rain a fiery energy that deals minor damage to anything within five feet of the explosion, with a 10% chance of burning per pokemon damaged this way. Magnera can only use Smith's Cannon once per battle and can no longer use Sonicboom, Rollout, or Thunder.

Plop, Lv. 2 male Inkay
HP: Steel
Though Plop was right at home in the ocean, he was constantly annoyed that he could not use any water-type attacks like the fish and mollusks around him. Even though he constantly tried to solve this conundrum, it wasn't until he got fed up and moved to the surface that he found a solution.
Signature Attack: Esper's Wave (Water/Psychic)
Spoiler: show
Twice per match, Plop may stream of pressurized water at a foe for significant water-type damage. The stream has a purple glow to it thanks to a membrane of psychic energy that protects it from counter attacks, able to take one attack before disappearing. Should the membrane still be active when Esper's Wave hits, then the opponent has a 75% of becoming confused. This attack uses significant water energy and decent psychic energy. Plop can no longer use Taunt, since he sees this attack's existence as his taunt at the world.

Program: Insufficient Number Generator (PING), Lv. 2 genderless Porygon

Squashen, Lv. 2 male Average Pumpkaboo
HP: Rock
Squashen lived next to an abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods, surrounded by ghost and grass pokemon that were all capable of the draining life energy of waking creatures in some way. Driven by curiosity rather than the spite and jealousy ghosts are known for, he developed a technique that could be used in battle like the grass', yet functioned more closely to the ghosts'.
Signature Attack: Spirit Drain (Ghost)
Spoiler: show
Up to twice per foe, Squashen may concentrate on the victim, draining a stream of eerie blue energy from them at a moderate rate. This restores Squashen's health slightly and energy a good portion, with the exact amount being determined by the distance between the user and the target. This technique loses potency the more it is used, even if it is used on a different foe. Squashen can no longer use Dream Eater.

River, Lv. 2 female Riolu
HP: Water

Finesse, Lv. 2 male Ralts
HP: Ground

Blaze, Lv. 2 female shiny Houndour
HP: Psychic
Blaze was found in the middle of a wasteland with no memory of her past a trio of strange, phi-shaped wounds on her face. Though the wounds refused to heal, Blaze found that there was a little excess energy in them. She can now harness that power and use it at will, she knows better than to do so excessively due to the pain that always follows it's use.
Signature Trait: Boons of Darkness
Spoiler: show
Blaze may draw forth the excess energy within her scars to boost her attacks, cutting the energy cost of an attack by 25%. This causes a black gunk to ooze out of the scar, however, clogging the wound and dealing slight recoil damage, about 75% of the amount of energy saved. Because of this, each of the three boons can only be used once, with the trainer specifying which boon is being used (ex.: Flamethrower, First Boon or Dark Pulse, Third and Final Boon). Blaze cannot use two boons in the same round, or when under a Taunt or Swagger. Due to the hideous appearance Blaze has, she can no longer use Charm, Attract, or Captivate.

Powder, Lv. 2 female Butterfree
HP: Rock
Held Token: Bugcatcher's Token
Powder was a member of an isolated butterfree colony that prized itself for it's ability to add secondary elements to their wind-based attacks, using this skill to protect the weaker caterpie and metapod. The colony kicked her out when they discovered that she was the cause for the recent nightmare epidemic rather than the nearby murkrow colony, but Powder had already mastered the ancestral art.
Signature Training: Eidolon of Wind
Spoiler: show
Due to the special training she received, Powder can use Icy Wind, Fairy Wind, Leaf Tornado, and Heat Wave, with enough type energy to use the first two twice (she can only use Heat Wave once per battle). This comes with a decrease to accuracy and a 10% power drop to attacks that involve full-body charges (Tackle, Double-Edge, Aerial-Ace, etc.). Powder can no longer use Teleport, Giga Impact, Protect, or Double Team.

Quark, Lv. 2 male Elektrik
HP: Fairy

Flux, Lv. 2 female Nosepass

Vineyard, Lv. 2 male Tangela

Mary, Lv. 2 female Misdeavus
Held Token: Spell Tag

Crya, Lv. 2 Glaeon

Jubilee, Lv. 2 female shiny Togepi

A'Tuin, Lv. 1 male Turtwig

Badges and Tokens, Galore!
Spoiler: show
Bugcatcher's Token- The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. (Held by Powder)

Spell Tag- This Token increases the power of Ghost type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Ghost type damage if it is thrown. (Held by Mary)

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