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Originally Posted by seakittenyfool View Post
The cable club was relatively busy, with a few people here and there making their trades and other business, and such as the hustle and bustle that nobody noticed the trainer enter the building, slightly pale as he looked around the room for a vacant machine. Beside him floated a spectre with a single red unnerving eye, a large raven with a prominent hatlike crest with equally piercing eyes, and a small brown creature wearing a skull and holding a bone, looking around with curiosity at the architecture of the building. Alex was somewhat on edge, and for good reason given what he had received in the mail a couple of weeks ago.


"...I think I'm gonna be sick..."

The large box sat on the table, a foul odour emanating from it as the contents were revealed. The boy sat back trying not to empty his stomach, his Infernape placing a hand on his shoulder in attempted reassurance while the other clenched so tightly in rage that the air itself boiled around the limb. Nearby, the Honchkrow looked towards his disciple, Lapis' crimson eye darting over the container in scrutiny before turning to the avian and communicating with him, motioning to the box and drawing a rectangular shape with her leathery arms.

Fragarath took a breath and sighed, before looking his trainer dead in the eyes with all sincerity and uttered a single sentence.

"The s-caw-l in the box is that of your caw-panion in caw-los."

"Dammit! How!?" Alex cried as he slammed his fist into the table, the force knocking the box over and the hollowed remains of his ex rolling onto the table. While the marriage was more part of a rite of passage for the girl, and the vow was broken on his return to Fizzytopia, the young man still felt pangs of despair that she had perished under some circumstance, and that someone was cruel enough to stuff the skull with Durin paste and send it to him was unbearable. Opening his eyes, he caught sight of a small card within, and grabbing it, he glanced at it and his mood took an immediate switch from anguish to hatred as an all too familiar red letter came into view, along with a single short sentence.

'Spovelli Rocket Syndicate send their regards.'


With that message noted as a threat, given his past with those particular crooks and the outcome of the events, leading to his obtainment of his Aipom and a blow to the crime family with the loss of one of their kingpins and an industry in Cortoza, it was no wonder Alex kept hidden for so long out of sight and radar. Indeed, the main reason he came out of hiding was in the belief that the fools would never try a hit out in the open.

"Alright, free machine here," he sighed in relief after a few minutes searching to nobody in particular. While Fragarath and Lapis served as a form of surveillance and defence, the Cubone by his side, Isaac, was strictly a caretaker at his base - which he made a mental note to refurbish someday, possibly move it elsewhere given the mess the place was in at that moment. All he knew of his contact was that it was a guy with a cat and a hat who collected poison types and whom Fragarath seemed to be wary of. Given the Honchkrow, however, this was expected, and any attempts by Alex to discern the crow's aversion to the serpentine went awry for the most part. He didn't press on, however. He was still smarting from when his Zangoose swung at him on the news he was trading his Skrelp to said man with a cat and a hat and even though said mongoose never landed the blow, any attack from a shadow pokemon would be terrifying.

As it was, the trainer waited by the machine for his client, the seaweed based creature having agreed to the trade to a poison tipe master on the assumption that said master could bring out his full power, and all the while, behind the veil of a camera, a pair of men watched clad in black with a stylized R on a badge by their heart...


Trading one Level 1 Female Exeggcute and a Level 8 Male Skrelp with the Egg Move Play Rough to Missingno. Master for 4 Rare Candies.

[Trade Started]
”Huh,” Keith murmured as he looked at the caller ID on his ringing Xtransceiver. “Alex Blackhall... Why does that name sound familiar...”

“Isn't he the one who came by the base when it first opened?” asked the Gengar floating past Keith. “The guy who didn't bring his Zangoose due to your reputation?”

“Ah, yeah- he had a Timburr, and he mentioned a Honchkrow, I think- that guy?” Keith said.

“I believe so,” nodded Chuck.

“Well, let's see what he wants,” Keith stated as he answered. “Yeah, go. This is he. Uh huh. Well, as it happens, I do need one of those. Sure, that sounds more than reasonable, I- what? Uh huh. Uh huh,” he said, his eyes widening with each syllable by this point. The Meowth on Keith's shoulder couldn't make out what was being said on the other end, but the look in Keith's eyes was saying it all at this point- they were about to gain a new teammate.

“Oh, dear,” Chuck sighed, though with a grin.

“Uh huh... Well, you thought right, I'm very interested,” Keith stated, now not even trying to suppress a grin. “What level is he? Uh huh... Ooh, and he knows that move, huh? An Egg move... Well, alright, all things considered, I'd call that a more than reasonable price. We have a deal! I'll see you there!” As the call disconnected, Keith turned to look at Meowth, that all-too-familiar gleam in his eye.

“Wat are we getting' dis time?” Meowth asked in a resigned voice.

“You'll see,” was all Keith said. Indeed, as he spoke, he was already out the door and getting on the back of his Scolipede.


The doors to the Cable Club swung open and Keith raced in excitedly. Were it not for Salazar already being outside and ready to take him there, he'd have ran the whole way. As it is, he only made one stop, at Fizzytopia's Candy Store, to withdraw almost all that remained of his Rare Candy stash, a move which thoroughly shocked Meowth- Keith was notorious for being somewhat stingy when he was running that low on Rare Candies, so he figured that whatever he was about to get in a trade, it must be something good.

Once Keith arrived at the correct trade machine, he emptied the contents of his hands onto the tray at his end and pulled the switch with great enthusiasm. Much flashy electrical crackling later, the confectionary currency was replaced by a pair of spherical objects. Both of them were green on the top and white on the bottom, but one was more of a solid green with a leaf insignia on the front, whereas the other was more of a camouflage pattern. Keith took these, and stowed the Leaf Ball in his pocket while looking nothing short of enthralled at the sight of the Safari Ball.

“OK, I'll bite- wat's in dere?” Meowth asked.

“Only the latest discovery in the world of Poison-types,” Keith grinned. “Alex caught this in the Friend Safari, and knowing my reputation, figured I'd like it. It's one of the only species of Poison-types ever to be discovered in the Kalos region!”

“Well, send it out, I know ya wanna,” Meowth grinned.

“You know me all too well,” Keith replied, already tossing the Safari Ball into the air. “Go, Skrelp!”

The Safari Ball split open, and in a flash of light, there appeared... a clump of seaweed? Meowth climbed down off of Keith and inspected the pile of seaweed... only for it to suddenly move! What appeared to be a ragged piece of rotting kelp was in fact a Pokémon, and it wasted no time spraying ink into Meowth's face, the Smokescreen attack narrowly missing Meowth's eyes. “GAH!” Meowth exclaimed. “Wat da-” Keith was already taking out his Pokédex and scanning his newest Pokémon with it.

“Skrelp, the Mock Kelp Pokémon,” droned the device. “Skrelp disguises itself as rotten seaweed, and attacks with poison when its prey gets too close. It also does this to hide from enemies to store up energy for evolution.”

“Skrelp, Skrelp,” murmured the Pokémon upon noticing Meowth's discomfort. Standing on its raggedy tail fin like a makeshift foot, it hopped closer to Meowth and unleashed a gentle Water Gun, washing the ink away.

“Uuugh... Tanks, I guess,” Meowth sighed. He was dripping wet now, but at least the ink was gone.

“Skrelp! Skrelp!” Skrelp replied, now sounding happy.

“Well, you seem to be a pretty nice guy,” Keith smiled. “Hi, Skrelp. I'm Keith, I'm your Trainer.”

“Skrelp? Skreeeelp!” Skrelp replied, looking up happily at Keith. Then, he looked back at Meowth. “Skrelp Skrelp, Skrelp Skrelp Skrelp...”

“Skrelp's sayin' he didn't mean ta blast me wit ink,” Meowth translated. “I just startled him, is all.”

“Ah, OK,” Keith smiled. “Well, welcome to the team, Skrelp. Now all you need is a name... OK, I got it,” he stated. “How about Neville?”

“WAT?!” Meowth exclaimed, eyes bulging at the mention of the name. “Is youse crazy?! Namin' sometin' else after dat insane Stunfisk?!”

“Meowth, I am not naming him Neville because of the Stunfisk,” Keith explained. “I am naming him Neville in spite of the Stunfisk. Let me explain- Neville the Stunfisk might be dead now, unable to hurt anyone ever again... but as long as the mere mention of his name makes anyone cringe involuntarily, like you just did now, he still wins. And I'm not giving him the satisfaction,” he said firmly. “Me and this Skrelp, we're going to ensure that the name Neville is associated with, not an insane manifestation of pure evil, but with a cheerful, helpful, pleasant Pokémon. And I think you fit that bill exactly,” he concluded, now addressing his Skrelp. “Besides which, the last time I trained something called Neville, I failed miserably... I want to succeed with you where I failed with the first Neville. What do you say?”

“Skrelp...” murmured Skrelp. And then, a determined look came over his eyes. “Skrelp Skrelp!” he nodded firmly.

“Then it's settle,” Keith smiled. “Come on, Neville- you got a lot of teammates to meet.”

“Ohh, so dis is kinda like how dat Levin guy named his Luxray after dat Skarmory he couldn't control, right?” Meowth asked as he climbed back up on Keith's shoulder.

“Exactly,” nodded Keith as he picked up Neville the Skrelp in his arms. “I mean, I dunno how Luna knows about that... or about anything she knows, really... but I am glad she told me the story, it's partially what gave me this idea in the first place.” With that, they exited the Cable Club, Keith with another Poison-type to his name. Their next stop? Another shop, one which concerned the contents of the Leaf Ball in Keith's pocket.

OOC: Trading 4 Rare Candies to fishy for his level 1 female Exeggcute and his level 8 male Skrelp. Thanks!

*Trade Closed*
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