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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
Trading $50 to Itzatrap for his Lv 16 Male Mareep.

*Trade started*
Trading my level 16 male Mareep to MarbleZone for his $50 Pokédollars.

**Trade Closed**

Bye Mareep, hope to see you much stronger should we ever meet again!

Spoiler: show
Pokémon Species: Mareep
Nickname: Baabaa Gender: Male Level: 16 [Last Level Gain]
Ability: Static Type: Electric Nature: Undecided
Beauty Points: 10 IQ: 0 Birthday: July 22
Contest Stats: 10 Beauty/10 Cool/10 Cute/10 Smart/10 Tough
Obtained: Met in a Cable Club trade with biggggg5 @ level 1
Level-Up Attacks: Tackle (--), Growl (--), Thunder Wave (04), Thudershock (08), Cotton Spore (11), Charge (15), Take Down (19), Electro Ball (22), Confuse Ray (25), Power Gem (29), Discharge (32), Cotton Guard (36), Signal Beam (39), Light Screen (43), Thunder (46)
Move Tutor Moves: Heal Bell, Magnet Rise, Sleep Talk, Snore, Swift, Headbutt, Defense Curl, Mimic, Endure, Electroweb, Shock Wave
Egg Moves: Body Slam, Screech, Odor Sleuth, Flatter, Sand-Attack, Iron Tail, After You, Agility, Reflect, Eerie Impulse, Electric Terrain
Hidden Machine Moves: Flash
Technical Machine Moves: Thunderbolt
Advance Moves/Custom Moves: None
Bio: You will most likely find Baabaa sleeping or resting, anytime of day. He loves to fall asleep with someone, and is the most passive Pokémon you will ever meet, that is until you wake him up. When he is woken he goes into a rage, attacking everything is sight, including Rob and his teammates.


Trading $30 Pokédollars to Talon87 for his level 1 male Cubchoo.

**Trade Started**


And welcome to the team, Iorek!
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