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When Keith had first learned of the location of his friend Hyrem's Secret Base, his first thought was a less-than-pleasant mental picture of Marvolo, his Seviper, forcibly dragging him the entire way there, and it wasn't too much of a stretch of the imagination, either. However, that turned out to not be an issue- Marvolo, along with his beloved Amethyst, were spending the next two weeks in the Fizzytopia Pokémon Breeding Center. That said, though, Keith knew that it was perfectly possible- nay, likely- that Marvolo would drag him to Hyrem's Secret Base in the future anyway- it had been agreed upon that their offspring would be staying with Hyrem- well, really, with Amethyst is more like it- and if Keith knew Marvolo, he knew that the Seviper was about to have double the reason to want to visit- not just for Amethyst, but also to see their kid.

Of course, even without Marvolo, Keith had since learned that he still wasn't safe from being dragged to Hyrem's Secret Base. Indeed, once Sirius, his Mightyena, learned that Keith was planning to visit Hyrem, he came close to actually dragging his Trainer there himself, given how long it had been since he had last seen Leila. Naturally, he knew he wouldn't be able to get away with not bringing Hebenon, Pomona, or Helena as well. To his surprise, Batrach had also offered to come along- according to Meowth's translations, Batrach rather liked hanging out with Hyrem's Taillow, and wanted to see her friend again. He figured that made all six, but...


"...what do you mean you don't want to come?" Keith asked Meowth. "You do know this is the same Hyrem who owns Selina, right?"

"Yeah," Meowth replied, an air of disinterest in his voice that caught Keith by surprise; usually the mere mention of that Purrloin's name practically turned Meowth's eyes into hearts. "Just do me a favor- if she asks fer me, tell her dat since she's gotten ova me, I've gotten ova her."

"So, wait- you two aren't a thing anymore?" asked Keith.

"Now yer gettin' it," Meowth nodded. "Should'a seen it comin', she hits on just about anytin'," he grumbled as he walked away.


...So instead, Keith looked to Goyle, his Victreebel, whom he knew to have a thing for Daphne, Hyrem's Nuzleaf, but the Victreebel, to his surprise, was busy- as it transpired, he, along with a number of the team's other carnivores, were busy planning a surprise party for Marvolo for once he and Amethyst had their child- they were gonna busy the whole day. However, as Meowth and Helena so helpfully translated, Keith was to inform Daphne that Goyle missed her very much. Also, the carnivorous members of the team unanimously decided Keith's sixth Pokémon for him- they all pleaded with him, with Meowth and Helena's translations helping things along, to take Dudley with him- the Slowbro's dimwittedness did not make for the best party-planning atmosphere.

"Don't worry," Helena was saying to Keith- he was walking across the warm landscape of Cortoza, with Helena, his Shuppet and older sister, floating beside him. "I'm sure Daphne will understand why Goyle couldn't make it."

Keith nodded. "I certainly hope so," he replied. "I'm hoping she'd take it better than Amethyst would if I couldn't take Marvolo to see her for whatever reason."

"Well, almost anyone would," Helena replied, eliciting a chuckle from Keith.

"True," he admitted. "Hey, why didn't you ask to bring Joy?" he added suddenly, realizing that the Audino's Poké Ball wasn't on either of their persons. "You two are usually inseparable."

"She's training with Hannah," replied Helena, referring to Keith's female Qwilfish. "She says she wants to work on her Surf and Ice Beam attacks, and Hannah was more than happy to volunteer."

Keith nodded. "That sounds like Hannah, all right," he agreed. "Hey, I think we're getting close," he added, before looking up at the sky. "Batrach, we almost there?" he called.

From high up in the sky, a grey bird nodded as she could spot their destination not too far ahead. "Unfez, unfez!" she trilled, before taking off towards the place. Keith and Helena, seeing this, hastened to follow the Unfezant.

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