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"Whew, all done! I think the base is finally ready for guests everyone!"

A clamor of voices came from Hyrem's Pokemon as everyone stood outside the cave leading to the boy's base. "Okay, everyone's free to go wherever they want at this point, just be ready to come over if I call for you, got it?" Another mix of Pokemon voices sounded as many of Hyrem's Pokemon went inside, still leaving quite a few Pokemon outside, whether by their own choice or because they were too big to fit through the door. The bigger Pokemon could easily be considered as guarding the base (and I dare anyone to try to break into Hyrem's base with a Druddigon, a Steelix, and a Salamence guarding the door!), while Icarus sat on his roost above the entrance, keeping a vigilant lookout for any danger or potential guests (especially if they had any pretty female birdies with them). Everyone was where they wanted to be, and Hyrem had already called his friends inviting as many as he could to come check out his new home, so all that was left to do was wait for their first guest to arrive...

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