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On the Hunt! Wendy’s True Form Emerges!

Today would not only be a good training opportunity Hyrem gave to his Pokemon, but it would also be a good hunting opportunity for those Pokemon involved: Sarkhan, Laika, Aisa, and Wendy, as well as Luke and Silas, who were about to practice their own abilities. All of these Pokemon were quite capable of hunting on their own, but they would be taking on larger prey this time, and only Sarkhan had experience in that aspect. Normally, Amethyst would be with them as well, but she had recently been dropped off at the Breeding Center in order to mate with Marvolo, Keith's Seviper, and she would not be back for a couple of weeks.

They soon found themselves at the nearest park sanctioned by the government specifically for trainer-owned carnivores so they would have a place to get the meat they needed, within reason, of course. It was also a no-capture zone, so the only things to obtain from the zone were experience and food. Many of Hyrem's Pokemon would frequent this park on their own; since hardly any other serious trainer was currently living in Cortoza, the owners didn't mind letting him and his team have free reign of the place for now. This agreement was mutually beneficial: Hyrem could keep his team fed, and the owners wouldn't have to deal with overpopulation of any one species since the variety of his Pokemon alone managed to keep everything in check.

It wasn't long before they could hear what they were looking for: the rumble of thundering hooves could only belong to the herd of Tauros in this particular area. "We've gotta be close!" Hyrem said with optimism. It wasn't until he listened for the direction it was coming from that he began to tense up. "...Ohhhh crud," he cursed to himself. "Guys, run!"

Hyrem and the six Pokemon with him quickly turned around and ran right as the stampede of Tauros were about to bear down on them. Aisa was particularly on the ball with this one as the Scolipede gave herself a boost of Agility before grabbing her trainer from behind and setting him on her back so he could ride her. "Uh, wow, thanks, Aisa!" he said to his Megapede Pokemon. "Scol scol~" she trilled happily before giving him a big wink, eliciting a grimace from him. Ew, that's her way of saying 'You're welcome'? he thought, wondering if Aisa would ever get over her crush on him. (Given the way she barely gave any thought to Chex the Scyther, one of the newbies on the team, that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon.)

Meanwhile, Sarkhan decided he had done enough running from his food and turned off to the side in order to let the herd pass by him. Then, once he was sure his teammates were out of range, he raised his arms up high before pounding the ground, causing a huge Earthquake to ripple through the Tauros, breaking up the herd and forcing them to scatter in many different directions, allowing the Druddigon to spot one of the weaker Tauros to Pursue, an older bull, one less likely to be long for the world anyway. Before the grizzled bull realized what was happening, Sarkhan had latched onto its flank with his claws and sank his Thunder Fang attack into it, causing his prey's body to go numb with paralysis before finishing it off with a Crunch attack to the throat.

Laika looked behind him as he ran and saw Sarkhan's attack as an opportunity of his own, so after picking out a target of his own with Odor Sleuth, he Howled a signal to Silas, to which Silas Howled back before both dogs turned around and used their advantage to dash through different holes in the herd's ranks and attack one in the center. Silas was actually able to Flame Charge off of another Tauros in order to get a slight Speed boost against the intended target before exhaling a quick Smog in order to disorient it. The Tauros didn't get Poisoned, but it still worked as Laika caught it off guard with a Crunch and a Body Slam, allowing Silas to help overwhelm it.

Not to be outdone by his rival, Luke pinpointed a third Tauros and began Charging power as he ran towards it to get a Spark attack on it, but this one shrugged it off and got a little Payback on its attacker, tossing the Luxio into the air...and right onto Aisa's hindquarters, just behind Hyrem! "Great catch, Aisa! Okay, go give that Tauros a Megahorn!" he ordered, to which she lowered her head before her purple horns glowed a dark green with Bug energy as she jabbed them just under the bull's side then flung it behind her with ease, causing that Tauros to fall to the ground unconscious. "Sorry Luke, you'll get it next time, I'm sure!" said Hyrem to his crestfallen Luxio before returning him to his Premier Ball.

Then Hyrem caught sight of Wendy, his Shelgon...running past the Tauros? "Huh? What's Wendy doing?" he asked aloud. "Aisa, let's go follow her!" he ordered, to which she also obeyed, leaving Sarkhan, Laika, and Silas to clean up their kills (the unconscious Tauros was left alone, soon able to recover its injuries and return to its herd). He soon saw her stop at what looked like a watering hole, where the park's larger Pokemon likely stopped to get a drink. Right in the middle of it was a large, red crustacean with blue stripes on its shell and a yellow star on its forehead. "A Crawdaunt!" Hyrem said with wonder. He had seen a group of them briefly when they helped him battle a Kyogre way back when he was adventuring on Whale Island, but now he was seeing that Wendy was likely about to battle, and it looked menacing! Crawdaunt had a bad reputation for just waltzing into an area and taking it over as its territory, killing anything that entered its domain and didn't leave it immediately. It looked like Wendy wanted to take it on, but why? As she Leered at the Crawdaunt, it looked like Crawdaunt wondered the same thing too as it laughed at his Shelgon, likely telling her to leave before it made its threat real, but she refused to back down. Instead, she tried to make her Face Scarier, but this only served to annoy the Rogue Pokemon further as it raised one of its claws up for a Crabhammer attack, though Wendy was ready for it and relied on nothing but her hard shell and a little extra shielding to Protect herself. This Crawdaunt was particularly ruthless, however, and desired to remove such defense from the picture completely: holding the top half of Wendy’s shell in a Vice Grip, and sticking its front legs on the bottom half, it began to pull upward to try prying the shell off of her and leave her completely at its mercy. “Wendy, use Dragon Breath, get that Crawdaunt off you somehow!!” Hyrem desperately gave an order to her as soon as Aisa took him close enough to do so.

But it seemed like it was too late as the Shelgon did nothing while Crawdaunt pulled hard, and a horrific RRRRRRRRIP dominated over the silence before Hyrem and Aisa could see the top part of the shell flung towards them...and to the trained observer (that’s me!) the shell would look like it came off a little too cleanly, but Hyrem was definitely too preoccupied with trying to save Wendy to take notice. “Aisa, Megahorn!” Just like before, Aisa lowered her head before charging in with her horns glowing green, but this time Crawdaunt was ready for the attack and grabbed her horns with its claws, stopping her in her tracks. “Scoli!?” Aisa said, shocked that the Crawdaunt had the guts or the power to grab her like that, and Hyrem prepared for the worst as Crawdaunt twisted its claws and flipped Aisa onto her back, while Hyrem was flung onto the ground. Disoriented, he tried to get back up when he felt something heavy on his leg: it was Aisa’s unconscious body. He was trapped! Worse still, Crawdaunt noticed the human struggle to get out, desperately trying to get away, but the crustacean was looming over him already, and before he could react a claw was opening right over his head, just about to close…

Then a stream of fire interrupted the execution and struck Crawdaunt’s main body, swallowing it in Flames and forcing it to take a few steps back. Where were they Thrown from, though? Right after that, a stream of green flames hit the same Crawdaunt and mixed itself with the red flames from earlier, and whatever used those attacks wasn’t planning on relenting as a large shadow jumped over Aisa and Hyrem and was presumably on the Crawdaunt within seconds. Hyrem could hear nothing but Crunching and Thrashing after that, and he carefully sat up to find a rear view of a large, blue reptile with bony, red wings, six frills jutting out from its cheeks, and a gray armor plating stuck to its underbelly ripping apart what was now a helpless Crawdaunt. As the dragon chowed down on smoked crawdad, Hyrem slowly got his Pokedex out to register it, hoping to avoid getting its attention in the meantime:

Salamence, the Dragon Pokemon, and the evolved form of Shelgon. A Bagon’s desire to fly is ultimately achieved through this evolution developed through a genetic mutation not present when Bagon were first developed. As soon as it realizes it has the ability to fly, it begins to fly all over the place, spewing flames from its mouth and burning an entire area. If ever provoked, it rages beyond control and destroys everything in its path with its claws, teeth, and breath.

As soon as he heard what it was, only one thought popped into his mind. “...W-Wendy?” he muttered softly.

The Salamence raised her head and turned around looking straight at Hyrem and holding what probably used to be the Crawdaunt’s claw, now crushed enough so it fit in the dragon’s mouth. She soon made short work of the claw and swallowed it down very quickly before she again cast her Intimidating gaze on the human before her and began sporting a devious grin. Hyrem soon figured out what she was planning, but he then remembered that his leg was still stuck under Aisa! Nothing could stop the dragon now as she ran up and Slammed the boy to the ground, completely pinning him under her Body. She then inhaled very deeply before exhaling a long, mighty Roar right in Hyrem’s face. Squirming, screaming, kicking, and trying everything he could to escape or otherwise make her stop her terrifying, pointblank bellow, he found himself unable to do anything but plead for his life, completely at the mercy of a dragon.

Then the most remarkable thing happened. As the Salamence caught her breath, Hyrem could’ve sworn he saw her...smiling. At least, that was the last thing he thought he saw before he could see nothing but tongue as she excitedly slobbered his face multiple times. Now it was Hyrem’s turn to catch his breath, though it wouldn’t be until Wendy got off on her own that he would truly be given a break, so until then he decided to congratulate her: “Whew...well, uh, you did it, you finally evolved, and you’re totally scary now, and seriously please don’t eat me…” Wendy gave a soft growl in response before winking, then giving his face one more lick. She wasn’t about to make any promises, and besides, she knew he wouldn’t get scared as easily if she did.

Oh yeah, Wendy had wings now! As soon as she realized this, she spread them out and gave them a few flaps. Once she had gotten used to them, she got off Hyrem before going into a running start and taking flight for her first time. Meanwhile, Hyrem returned Aisa to her Pokeball so he could finally stand up and see Wendy in all her majesty. She soon started Roaring triumphantly, echoing her call across the entire park, to which most Pokemon in the area began looking for areas of safety very quickly; they knew what kind of Pokemon that Roar belonged to, and they didn’t want to be around to find out the kinds of destruction a newly-evolved Salamence could make in these parts. “Well, I guess we’re done for today now that she’s scared everything away,” Hyrem said with sweat dropping down the back of his head. Wendy wasn’t through scaring her trainer out of his wits, however; she descended until she was just above the tall grass, then flew straight at Hyrem. “Whooooa, nonononoNO!!” he screamed as he ran for it but was easily outsped by her as she caught up enough to fling him onto her back, causing him to hold tightly to her neck for dear life. “Waaaaah, slow down, Wendy!! You’re worse than Icarus!!” he tried to order her, but one does not simply give an order to a Dragon-type Pokemon, at least not unless they’ve been trained to. And Wendy? Not even close. It would take a miracle to get Wendy to listen to anything Hyrem said...but that’s another story.
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