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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
Trading 3 Rare Candies to Sweetbbydoll for her Lv.6 female Meowth.
Thanks a lot!

*Trade Open*
Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Trading 1x Rare Candy to sweetbbydoll for her Ponyta.

-Trade Opened-
“I’m sorry...” Liza said, as the words seemed to almost choke her.

With the raindrops outside hitting the glass windows of the structure, the endless dark sky casted a shadow over the lass trainer's surroundings like a giant embodiment of what she was currently feeling.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do more, that I couldn’t...” her voice trailed off for a second before the women sighed and regained her composure before continuing on... “raise you both properly...maybe you’ll both realize that this is for the best. Maybe you’ll hate me for the rest of your lives...but this is for the best, not just for you or for me...but for them too.”

Standing with the trainer were her other two Pokemon, a female Ponyta and a male Meowth opposite of them, were a male Ponyta and female Meowth...they didn't want this to happen either, she thought, looking at all their expression solemn.

“Thanks to my Litwick, I’ve been able to gain some insight in whats best for both Lea and Meow...what they want most. And what they need.” she said, a bit unsure that she was doing the right thing... “I’m afraid this is goodbye.”

Returning the Pokemon she was here to trade away back inside their pokeballs, she placed her female kitty in one machine and sent her to her new trainer. The trainer had heard he was collecting a lot of cat Pokemon, Liza had a feeling the lemon chiffon cat would be right at home. As for her male race horse, he would be going to a different trainer as well, one that would have more space for him to run around in and give him the undivided attention he so craved.



Her Pokemon softly neighed and meowed respectfully.

The trainer soon turned her attention at her Pokemon, that looked on a bit saddened, walking over to them, she kneeled petting their heads. “It’s going to be okay...sometimes it’s let something you love you’re able to grow.” Before standing up and beginning to head back outside, the Lass noticed the sun peeking through the parting clouds, the rain had stopped.

“Come along you two, we got work to do.”


Trading my ♀Meowth Lv.6, inside a Valentineball, w/10HP's, 2 IQ Points, 10's in every contest stat., MT Water Pulse, HM's Cut and Flash and finally, with the TM Return to Ex-Admiral Insane for 3 candies and my ♂Ponyta Lv.1 w/EM Double Edge to myahoo for 1 candy.

Thank you, and take good care of them!

Trade Closed
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