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Originally Posted by jolteonjak View Post
Sorry to make you wait so long MM, but...

Trading my Lv.1 Nidoran F (stats below) to MissingNo. Master for 2 Rare Candies.


Spoiler: show

Name: Nidoran♀
Classification: Poison Pin Pokémon
Type: Poison
Held Item:
Level: 1
Gender: Female
IQ: 0/100
Contest Stats: Beauty – 0 || Cool – 0 || Cute – 0 || Smart – 0 || Tough – 0
Happiness Points:
Evolutionary Chain: -> Lv.16 -> -> ->
Received: Egg House
Location: PC

Level Up:
Growl | Scratch

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor:

Ice Beam
The doors to the Cable Club swung open as Keith walked in, with Meowth on his shoulder as usual.

"So, youse is finally gettin' one?" Meowth asked Keith.

"Yep," beamed Keith. "I think that makes all the Poison-type evolution lines now... except for anything discovered in Kalos, anyway, I gotta look into that..." Trailing off there, he hastened to make his way over to a trade machine where Chad was already waiting. "Thanks for this," Keith said to Chad as the Poison-type Trainer dug two pieces of candy in shiny blue wrappers out of his backpack, and placed the confectionary currency on his end of the trade machine. The switch was thrown, and in an instant, the Rare Candies were replaced by a Poké Ball.

"Well, wat are youse waitin' for?" Meowth demanded. "Send it out!"

"With pleasure, Meowth," nodded Keith as he heaved the ball into the air. "Go, Nidoran!"

In a flash of light, a small, blue Pokémon materialized atop the trade machine. It stood on four legs, possessed two large ears, and was covered in small spikes. "Niiido?" she murmured quietly. He had seen this kind several times before, including one in his own dreams, but since he finally owned one, Keith dug out his Pokédex and aimed it at his newest friend.

"Nidoran, a Poison Pin Pokémon," droned the device. "The female's spikes are smaller than the male's, but are still incredibly poisonous. Does not like to fight."

"Hey, Nidoran," Keith smiled, addressing the Nidoran♀ he had just received. "I'm Keith, this is Meowth. I'm gonna be your new Trainer, OK?" He reached out slowly to the Nidoran♀, who flinched at first, but stayed still. Slowly, Keith stroked the Nidoran♀'s head, and she seemed to relax a little.

"Niiido," she sighed, looking much more at ease with Keith. Then, her eyes turned to the Pokédex still clutched in Keith's hand. "Doran?" she murmured. Before Keith knew it, she had scurried up one of his arms, across his shoulders (deftly avoiding Meowth in the process), and down the other arm, and was now examining the red box curiously. "Nidoran ran, nido Nidoran... Nido..." she murmured with great interest.

"Nidoran's wonderin' how da Pokédex works," Meowth translated for Keith.

Keith chuckled. "Is that so? Well, Nidoran, I can think of one new teammate of yours you'll probably get along real well with, if you like learning as much as she does."

"Niiiidoran!" Nidoran♀ replied happily.

"Now there's just the matter of your nickname," added Keith. "How does Rowena sound?"

"Raaan!" smiled Nidoran♀.

"Then Rowena it is," Keith smiled back as Rowena scurried back onto his shoulder, the one unoccupied by Meowth, and exited the Cable Club, eager to introduce Rowena to the rest of the team.

OOC: Trading 2 Rare Candies to jj for his level 1 Nidoran♀ with Ice Beam. Thanks!

*Trade Closed*
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