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A Snowflake Cools Things Down!? Brittany’s Growth Spurt!

As the new month rolled in, Cortoza was warming up all too quickly, and it was reportedly even hotter than normal, reaching record temperatures for each day. At this point, Hyrem decided it was time to give his Pokemon a day off from training and take a dip in the pool under the waterfall nearby. "Whew, finally time to cool off!" he said as he arrived at the waterfall. With only his swim trunks on, he dives in where his Water Pokemon are already there to greet him: Delilah, Brittany, Bubbles, Henrietta, Juvia, and Nami, all of them females, which wasn't totally intentional, it just happened that way. In addition, Zatch, Sarkhan, Leila, Laika, and the three venomous snakes, Amethyst, Seshiro, and Shisato, (which Henrietta and the smaller fish kept their distance from, just in case any of them were hungry...especially Amethyst) would also swim around on the surface at various times while other members of his team were on the outside of the small lake, some of them with their heads dipped slightly into the lake lapping up the refreshing water to cool their bodies and protect them from the heat (though Wendy had trouble bending down low enough to drink; fortunately she was able to "persuade" Charlie to shower her with a Water Pulse so she could drink from the water on her face). After a good splash fight, everyone in the water just decided to relax, with Hyrem resting on Nami's large shell, with Nami Singing a lullaby that put nearly everyone to sleep (except Soundproof Atsumu, of course).

About half an hour passed, and Hyrem began to wake up to his Lapras licking, biting, and soaking his face with Water Gun. Apparently, she wasn't convinced because he was then thrown off her shell and into the water...which was much colder than before. The sudden cold forced the boy to quickly clamber back onto Nami's shell. "C-c-cold..." Hyrem said with a shiver. "T-t-too cold...did you do this?" Nami shook her head. "Did one of the other Ice-types do it?" She shook her head again, this time cooing before pointing her flipper towards something rising to the surface. As it emerged, the air began to chill, and it was revealed to be a large, snowflake-shaped creature that glared at them with icy, blue eyes and two chains of ice energy that resembled drool.

"A Cryogonal!" Hyrem immediately identified the Pokemon. He had hatched a Cryogonal from his third egg ever, but since it couldn't control how cold it was making the entire environment he decided it wasn't worth raising and handed it over to someone else. This one looked like it could control how cold it was making its surroundings...and it was only making things even colder. Hyrem looked around him; many of his Pokemon were finding it very uncomfortable to be around this Ice-type, except, of course, the other Ice-types. He hugged Nami's neck in an attempt to gain some sort of warmth from her body as he gave orders: "All right, those of you lower-level or weak to Ice, get back inside the base! Daphne, Sarkhan, make sure they get back safely! Team Flash Fire, your job is to heat up the pool inside once you get back!" Nods came from those Pokemon as they ran away from the scene as best they could in the chilly air. "Delilah, take Zatch, Bubbles, and Juvia back, then help Team Flash Fire heat up the pool with your Scald attack!" "Lan!" she nodded as well before escorting the three small fish away as well. "Nami, I want you to take me back to shore so I can battle that Cryogonal at a safe distance, okay?" His beloved Transport Pokemon whined, either worried for her trainer or disappointed she wouldn't get to battle here. "I know you'd be a great Pokemon against Cryogonal if you were stronger, but right now you're too inexperienced to face it. Just take me back and catch up with Delilah as quickly as you can; we should be able to handle it!" Nami finally nods before letting him jump onto solid ground, after which she sank into the water, leaving him with six Pokemon to face against Cryogonal: Sera, Laika, Leila, Icarus, Michael, and Vi.

"Spheal!" a voice squeaked out from in between Hyrem and their foe. Hyrem looked at the surface of the pond to find Brittany there, taking a battle stance. "You...want to fight Cryogonal?" he asked his Spheal, to which she nodded and barked. It was at this moment that Michael began to speak, "She's been training with me for quite a while, and she says she wants to show you how much work she's done the past few weeks. But this is a tough Pokemon to battle, Brittany," the Banette then said, turning to his tutelage. "Do you think you'll be able to beat it?" "Spheal!" she squeaked again, clapping her small flippers harder than she normally would, a sign that she was ready for battle.

"I like that answer!" Hyrem said with a smirk. "Okay then, this is Brittany's first real battle, everyone, so don't interfere unless I say you need to! And Brittany...let's synch up and battle!"
"Spheal!!" she barked even louder.
"Start off by Diving underwater so you can use Defense Curl safely!" She did as instructed, swimming down to the bottom of the pool before Curling herself into a ball, raising her Defense. However, this gave Cryogonal an opening to fire off an Ice Beam at Brittany which hit its stationary target and formed crystals of ice around her. Fortunately, she was able to break free from the ice and keep herself from getting frozen by the attack, but it did mean she was no longer curled up. Darn it, Hyrem cursed in his mind, I was hoping she'd get to use Rollout from underwater, but it doesn't look like that'll work now... "New plan, Brittany!" he shouted into the pool. "Come back up and give it a Rock Smash, then start spitting Ice Balls at it!" As Brittany resurfaced, Hyrem noticed Cryogonal facing towards Brittany and shielding its eyes and mouth with the armor on its face before using what looked like an Iron Defense, and even though Brittany's attack connected and reduced the gain to Cryogonal's Defense, it still gained Defense. Still, Brittany didn't let this faze her as she formed an Ice Ball in her mouth--very small, but he hoped it would only be the first of many. Once again, however, Cryogonal reacted faster and created a red barrier around it, causing the attack to Reflect off the barrier harmlessly. Even with all of the defensive power in Cryogonal's favor, Brittany still stuck to the plan and formed a second Ice Ball in her mouth, twice as big as the first one. Yet again, Cryogonal would raise its Defense to stop it, this time with Acid Armor, causing the second Ice Ball to do almost no damage to it at all. As she formed a third, even larger Ice Ball, Cryogonal went on the offensive and shot a beam of rainbows at her, but failing to reduce her Attack which allowed the Ice Ball to shatter against the barrier with a somewhat better effect than the last one.

Something was different in the next round; while Brittany launched her fourth Ice Ball, Cryogonal did not retaliate but rather seemed to be gathering energy for an attack... A short gasp escaped from Hyrem as soon as the horrifying realization of what the attack was set in: "Brittany, get out of there! That's a Solar Beam!!" Unfortunately, his order came too late as his Spheal was already charging up her fifth Ice Ball, which would be the biggest Ice Ball possible and would do the most damage if it hit. Sadly, she never got to fire it as Cryogonal's Grass-type beam of energy shot out quicker than she could react, and the attack melted through the newly-formed chunk of ice, hitting Brittany directly for full damage before the pond erupted with water, making it hard to see just how much damage was done. "Brittany!!" Hyrem cried out while five of his other six Pokemon resumed battle stances just in case. Michael, however, looked calm considering the situation and simply said, "She's not done yet."

At first Hyrem looked again and thought he saw Brittany down for the count, but as he looked closer he could see her floating atop the surface fast asleep! "Wait, what's going on here?" Hyrem asked Michael. "That is Brittany using Rest," the Banette explained. "She learned it very recently, and by now she's back at full health, though she will be asleep for a short amount of time. She also learned Snore, an attack that can be used while she's asleep, so she isn't completely defenseless right now."

"Cool! I didn't know she could do that!" said Hyrem, excited to see Brittany use her new tricks in action. "Okay, Brittany, just use Snore until you wake up!" It seemed easy enough, as her Snore attack caught the Cryogonal off guard and connected for a fair amount of damage considering it had been raising its physical Defense and not its Special Defense. The snowflake wasn't completely thrown off its game, however, as all it needed to do was a simple Recovery to bring its own health back to full, though by now its Reflect had worn off making it a little more vulnerable to physical attacks again. It seemed like Cryogonal had yet another answer to Brittany's tricks though as an icy breath escaped its mouth causing the surface of the entire pond to Freeze up until there lay a sheet of ice about as Dry as the deserts of Talas, and right in the middle of it lay Brittany encased in the ice. Then came another nerve-wracking moment as Cryogonal began to charge up energy once again...another Solar Beam! "Oh no, Brittany!!" Hyrem yelled out again. This time, even Michael was concerned since Brittany was now trapped inside and would be unable to use Rest again. It would be too late for anyone to do anything to stop Cryogonal; everyone else could only watch as the attack again went straight at Brittany and caused another explosion. "Brittany...please be okay..."

Sera checked for Brittany's aura, hoping to find a faint glimmer, a sign that the Spheal was at least alive. A slight look of surprise came over her, and she sent a bright yellow color into Hyrem's mind, as well a general image of Brittany. "Brittany's okay!?" the trainer said out loud as he looked back at the battle. Brittany wasn't just okay, she didn't even suffer a scratch! The explanation came as the Ice Barrier in front of her crumbled into the pool. "Wow, that was really smart of her!" Hyrem remarked. "What do you mean?" Michael asked; now it was his turn to be confused. "See how a lot of the ice that covered the pond is gone now?" Michael looked around, and, sure enough, a good sized section of the pond, centered around Brittany, was no longer covered by a thick sheet of ice. "Yes, you're right..." he admitted before Hyrem explained further:

"Well, that's the ice Brittany used for Ice Barrier! Normally, an Ice Pokemon would have to use a lot of energy to create the ice and then form it into a barrier around it. However, if there's ice already available, there's no reason it can't just use the ice close by and form that into the barrier it wants; that probably saves time and energy!"
"Ah, so once Cryogonal used Freeze-Dry to freeze Brittany in place, that gave her the ice she needed to protect herself! And she must have woken up just in time to use it!"
"Wow, yeah, I didn't think of that..." said Hyrem. "That was really quick thinking on her part then! And she's still in this battle because of it! Great job, Brittany! Ready to keep going?"

"Spheal!! Spheeeeeeeeeeeal!!!" came the shrill cry from Brittany as she began to glow. Having seen enough moments like this, Hyrem knew what was coming and sported a big grin as he watched his Spheal grow in size, double in weight, and grow thick whiskers on her face. Once the glowing stopped, he could see that she was colored a lighter blue, the cream color remained on her belly, and her body was no longer a perfect sphere but was a thicker, fatter body whose head could be distinguished from the rest of her body and sported slightly longer tusks than before. "She finally evolved...let's see what she is now," he said before taking out his Pokedex and opening it up to reveal Brittany's new form:

Sealeo, the Ball Roll Pokemon, and the evolved form of Spheal. Sealeo have very sensitive noses and will rub objects, people, or other Pokemon with their nose and whiskers to determine smell and texture before deciding if they like it. They are also very playful and will spin any round object or Pokemon, including younger Spheal, on their noses. They hunt by punching a hole in the ice they live on with their flippers, then dive in and chase down nearby prey, feeding on aquatic wildlife up to five times each day before they are full.

Oh man, that means she'll be a bigger mouth to feed, doesn't it... he thought nervously; as if he wasn't getting enough fish to feed his Pokemon before!
"Look there! That's Swagger! She must have just learned it when she evolved!" Michael brought Hyrem out of his thoughts and back to the battle as Brittany had her upper part of her body underwater while she was shaking her tail flippers above the water for Cryogonal to see; apparently the display of disrespect worked as Cryogonal bounced around in the air and began an erratic Rapid Spin attack. Cryogonal was certainly confused, but Hyrem would have to take the large boost to its Attack into account; still, if Cryogonal was going to take a more physical approach to its attacks, that may be Brittany's opportunity to come out on top!

“Brittany, use Encore to lock Cryogonal into Rapid Spin, then give it another Rock Smash and see if you can land a Body Slam on it!” Well, Brittany liked the attack Cryogonal was using, so much so that she began clapping and chanting, “Sealeo! Sealeo! Sealeo!” in an effort to see more Rapid Spinning out of the snowflake, and in its confused state it had no chance of resisting the attack. This time the Rapid Spin headed straight for Brittany, but the Sealeo was prepared and swatted it away with a Rock Smash, lowering its Defense once again. Then the Cryogonal spun in a completely odd direction and careened into the shore, hurting itself and actually finding itself stuck in the frozen mud. This was Brittany’s chance! Now that Cryogonal was vulnerable, she dove down before quickly rising up to give her the momentum to jump from the water high in the air before she landed her entire Body straight onto Cryogonal, Slamming it into the ground and squishing it with a critical hit. Cracks began to show in its icy body, and as Brittany shuffled off of her foe it was revealed that pieces of ice were even chipped off of it, and it slowly rose merely to float away from the battle battered and beaten.

“You did it, Brittany! You won!” Hyrem said happily before giving his newly-evolved Sealeo a hug, to which she replied by pushing her blubbery body further into the hug, almost knocking him down before she leaned in to give a big raspberry to his face. Naturally, this caused Hyrem to recoil from the pungent smell given off. “Whew, fish breath,” he muttered, “and that probably isn’t going away anytime soon, is it?”
Sealeo~ Sealeo~ (Fish~ I want more fish~)” she playfully barked, showing even more of a hunger for fish than before.
Well, at least you can go to our secret fishing spot and catch your own food,” Michael talked to Brittany in Banette. He was referring to an underground lake not far from the base that Hyrem’s Pokemon had discovered recently, and best of all it could be accessed from an underwater path directly from the pool inside the base. Hyrem had no clue at this point that the lake even existed, and the Pokemon have been keeping it a secret from him, hence why Michael switched to his Banette language to avoid spilling the beans.
Yeah, let’s do that! Hey Vi, let’s go show off my new form to everyone too!” she said, waving a flipper to Vi.
You bet! And congrats on evolving, Britts!” And with that, Vi ran back to the base while Brittany dove back into the pond, taking the path underneath the waterfall to get back to the base.

At that moment, Hyrem could feel drops of water on his face, and he looked up to see storm clouds above him, about to release a large downpour of rain. “Uh oh, looks like Cryogonal cooling down the area all of a sudden triggered a storm! Let’s get inside everyone, we can take the rest of our day off in the base!” The five Pokemon that were still outside agreed, particularly Icarus who flew as quickly as he could to his shelter above the base before too much rain got on his metallic body. As Hyrem ran back home, a nagging thought in the back of his mind troubled him: Cryogonal aren’t the kind of Pokemon to suddenly show up in a warm environment such as Cortoza. It was highly likely that the Cryogonal Brittany faced wasn’t a wild Pokemon at all, but rather owned by someone. But who? And why would they unleash such a Pokemon at Hyrem, seemingly out of the blue? Clearly, if the Cryogonal was indeed owned by someone, that someone did not want to reveal their identity to him at this time. But why? Hyrem feared that this attack may only be just the beginning…


Meanwhile, in a darker part of the forest, the same Cryogonal that had attacked Hyrem earlier could be seen floating towards a cloaked figure with one pair of glowing, red eyes to the left of the figure and a pair of glowing, blue eyes to the right. The figure seemed to stare at the Ice Pokemon’s disheveled state and spoke in a smooth, masculine voice, “You are the first Pokemon to have ever failed me. At least with your body...” Then the cloaked man snapped once before the creature with red eyes delivered a punch that glowed blue, cracking the Cryogonal’s body even further. Soon the creature with blue eyes joined in, pouncing on its former teammate and raking the ice with a claw that glowed black. Then all that was heard for the next few minutes could be described as pieces of ice being broken up then crunched in someone’s mouth. “You leave no trace,” the cloaked man finished his statement as soon as the sounds died off before he and the two creatures turned away and walked into the darkness, where nothing could be seen of them. All that remained out of place was a few chunks of ice that would likely melt away in the next day’s warmer weather...
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