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With his training in Viridian finished, Orlando sets off towards Tohjo Falls, following the path laid out for him by the mysterious trainer. The trek is rather quiet, but his Pokemon are there to keep him company, so at least it isn't boring. After a fair while he does happen upon what appears to be Tohjo Falls... but there's no water whatsoever. Not even a trickle pours down the cliffside of the once majestic waterfalls. Could this be due in some way to the recent swarm of Pokemon noted in the area? Or is it merely coincidence? There isn't much time to think on it, as a soft humming begins from just down the road, though it can't be made out as to where. The humming soon grows louder, and it's clear it's some form of singing, coming from the bushes up ahead perhaps. It quickly becomes apparent this is the Singing of a Pokemon, as Max and Lily begin to nod off, soon falling to sleep, Orlando barely catching Lily before she falls off his shoulder. The song makes Orlando a bit drowsy as well, but it's not quite enough to put him under. Or so it would seem before he finds himself swiftly blacking out.

The trainer comes to with a throbbing in the back of his head, incredibly sore to the touch, a single young boy slowly coming into vision in front of him, the two appearing to be locked in some form of broken down old shack. But they clearly aren't alone, a small group of other trainers huddled in the corner. All of them appear to be pretty young, and they're in a clear panic, surrounding a slightly older trainer who is slumped in the corner, gushing blood from his side.

The young boy speaks to Orlando, attempting to fill him in on what's going on. "You got ambushed by a couple thieves on the road, didn't you? They knock people out and take their stuff before locking us in this shack... I don't know why..." He glances over at the bleeding trainer in the corner. "Robert over there tried to bust out when they threw you in here, and one of them pulled a knife on him. We... we don't really know what to do."
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