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Kate's Diary

Name: Kate Skye
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class: Dragonslayer (Fairy major, Ice minor, Steel
Appearance: Kate stands at a good five foot ten, and
an average 118 pounds, being of an average size. She
has long black hair, usually worn straight, though she
may pull it back once in a while. She wears average-
looking clothes, a t-shirt (almost always pink) with a
pair of jeans, or loose shorts. During cold weather,
she will add in a sweater. A scar extends from below
her brown right eye, down to the bottom of her right
She is well-toned, being very active, and is strong for
her size.
Personality: While she is normally friendly to those
she meets, she tends to act slightly aggressively to
people with Dragon-type Pokemon. Generally, she
makes friends easily, being outgoing, and she has a
positive attitude, however she likes to engage in light-
hearted sarcasm a lot. She is rather headstrong, and
will often rush into things without thinking, her
irrationality getting her into hard situations frequently.
Background: Kate lived with her family on the
outskirts of the city of Cerulean, in a lone house. They
were rather average, but when the Disaster struck,
they were worse off than before. About a month
afterwards, a man came over to rob them. Kate's
father, being stubborn, would not comply, hence he
and his wife were killed by his Garchomp, right in
Kate's sight, with Kate sustaining a long wound on the
face. The man, finding money, took off, leaving Kate
alone there. After treating her wound, she was taken
in by a woman living nearby, who was very
hospitable. Kate lived with her for a few years,
accepting her as her mother, but later set off at the
age of 16, loss of her parents at a young age
strengthening her and making her loath Dragons.

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