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Lily's father stands for a brief moment, as if turning over the events in his mind, still not wanting to believe that his daughter was gone. With a heavy sigh, he motions for Orlando to follow him, walking into the tent. The inside of the construct is expansive, with a large desk strewn across the center, pieces of paper littering the surface. In the far end a large billboard, dotted with snippets that the searchers may have found useful. Slumped in a chair, the mother, her figure hunched and shaking with sobs. Walking over to his wife, Lily's father pulls a chair up, placing it beside her and draping an arm around her, before turning his face back to Orlando.

"She left home without warning, you see. She wanted to go on a big adventure. We had always intended to let her go at some point ... when she was older. More capable. Able to look after herself."

The last few words are almost choked out of his voice, his composure beginning to slowly break. Lily gingerly edges forwards, nudging his leg with her head as if to try and reassure him. Bending down, he strokes the Pikachu, a small grin finding it's way onto his expression.

"Would you look at this little thing. So removed from our world and yet so caring, so considerate. Just ... like her. It was a fitting name you gave her, lad."

He goes silent for a moment, as if lost in thought, before sighing heavily and lifting himself from his chair. Walking over to a chest placed at the far end of the table, he lifts the lid, shuffling through the contents before finally nodding his head. Walking back ver to Orlando, he holds his hands out. There rests a small wad of cash, totalling $3500, as well as a Sitrus Berry and 2 small, glittering Star Shards.

"Here, lad. It's the least we can do for your troubles. And ... thank you. For being there for her. For bringing us closure."

Moving back over to his wife, he slumps into the chair, his body language defeated and weary. With one final look at Orlando, the man forces another smile.

"And about the Pikachu ... you keep her. It wouldn't be right for us to take her on. We can't do anything for her, we're too old to go journeying. She needs to see the world. See what our Lily couldn't. She deserves much more than what we can offer her. She always wanted to see the world after all, Lilian did."
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