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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
This was the second time he'd done it, but unlike last time, he was at peace with it. His Pokemon understood - the path he was on was fundamentally different from the one each of them truly wanted to take. And as a result, he found himself parting ways with friends he never thought he'd let go, but realized now would be selfish of him to keep.

The first to say his goodbyes was the pretend-badass Raff, the Scraggy. Described by Mazo as having "the heart of a warrior and the soul of a dragon", despite his inherent dark inclinations, Raff always ended up doing the right thing despite his constant attempts at being "bad". At the end of the day, he was trying too hard to be somebody he was not, and never found a place on the team to be himself - whether pressured into actually committing the "necessary evil" by Dartz, or overshadowed by legitimate badasses like Spike or Rojo, Raff was never really comfortable in his (rather loose) skin.

- I said don't worry, I understand! Where you're going, there are plenty of quirky characters with all manner of personalities, and I'm sure you'll fit right in! And with the training we've done together, I'd like to see anyone dare take the title of "badass king" away from you. Go on then, Keith's waiting! I hope to see you again Raff... it's been a lot of fun!

It truly had been.


Trading my Scraggy with the stats below to Missingno. Master for $50.

Spoiler: show
Level: 8
Gender: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Holding: N/A
Birthday: November 19
Nature: Timid
Obtained: Egg House

Level-Up Moves:
Low Kick

Egg Moves:
Dragon Dance

Move Tutor Moves:
Dragon Pulse
Drain Punch
Ice Punch
Iron Head
Zen Headbutt

Custom/Event Moves:

TM Moves:
Bulk Up
Dark Pulse
Double Team
Dragon Claw
Dragon Tail
Focus Blast
Low Sweep
Poison Jab
Power-Up Punch
Sludge Bomb
Smack Down
Work Up

HM Moves:

IQ: 1

Happiness: 2

Contest Stats: 30/10/10/10/10

*Trade started*
”Is youse serious?” Meowth was groaning as Keith entered the Cable Club. “I tought youse was done wit wantin' one o' dose.”

“Hey, Scraggy are badass,” Keith argued. “How could I not want one?”

“But da Scraggy?” Meowth said. “I'd'a tought ya would'a gone fer dat Machamp youse helped evolve or sometin'.”

Keith did not reply to this, starting to become lost in thought as he headed towards the trade machine almost automatically. He was still as surprised now as he was when he first learned that Levin Sanders, a Fighting-type specialist who was really starting to make a name for himself in the Fizzytopia region, was trading away a number of his Pokémon. He had done this once before in the past, but this time, among the selection of Pokémon were some of his Fighting-types, and even a couple of Pokémon that weren't yet Fighting-types, but had the potential to become them eventually. And yet, as he looked at the list of Pokémon Levin had been advertising for trade, one of them stood out to him. It wasn't Dux, the Machamp Keith had helped Levin evolve from Machoke, nor Opal, a Venomoth whose wings were said to shine in rainbow colors like the stone she was named after, nor Spike, a formidable Primeape, a species Keith always had a healthy dose of respect for. No, the one that stood out to him was Raff, a relatively low-level Scraggy.

Keith at first thought this as odd. Sure, he had wanted a Scraggy of his own years ago, but like many of his desires for certain Pokémon, it turned out to be a whim. The whim passed, Keith stopped actively seeking out a Scraggy, and that was it... except, not really. His first reaction upon hearing of anybody else obtaining a Scraggy was just the slightest stab of jealousy, though he mistook these stabs of jealousy for mere reminders of a whim he once held. But after that fateful night in the Dream World, he wasn't so sure anymore.

Hermione, Keith's Weedle, was naturally very fascinated with the Dream World, and did as much research on it as she possibly could. Keith had read through the notes she took at one point, and one part in particular stood out to him; specifically, it had to do with the three Pokémon humans envision upon entry to the Dream World. In Keith's case, it had been a female Nidoran, a Pansear... and a Scraggy. And according to Hermione's notes, the three Pokémon weren't selected voluntarily or at random, but were in fact visual manifestations of the Trainer's deepest desires. Of course, this came as no surprise to Keith in the case of the female Nidoran- anyone who knew Keith knew of his preference for Poison-types, and that a female Nidoran was one of the few kinds he had yet to own. Pansear kinda caught him off-guard, though he did think it was a cool Pokémon... but it truly floored him to realize that, deep down, he really did still want a Scraggy. Shortly after this revelation, he caught sight of Levin's advertisement, and knew what he had to do.

Finally arriving at the trade machine, Keith snapped out of it, and produced 50 from his wallet. The region had finally caught up with the rest of the world in terms of currency- until shockingly recently, the primary form of currency in the Fizzytopia region had been Rare Candies. Placing the Pokédollars down on his end of the trade machine, Keith threw the switch, and with much electrical crackling, the exchange was made. The money was swiftly replaced by a Poké Ball. Keith smiled as he picked up the red-and-white sphere. “Well, Meowth,” he said to the Normal-type on his shoulder as he walked outside, “ready to meet your new teammate?”

“As I'll ever be,” nodded Meowth.

Keith nodded back, then hurled the ball into the air. “Then let's do this! Go, Scraggy!” he exclaimed.

The ball split open, and in a flash of light, a bipedal yellow lizard materialized on the ground. Its head was very round and very large, and every part of it from the waist to the tail was covered in extremely baggy shed skin, giving the impression of ill-fitting pants. “Scraaaaggy!”exclaimed the Pokémon. Smiling at his newest Pokémon, Keith held out his Pokédex.

“Scraggy, a Shedding Pokémon,” droned the device. “Those who make eye contact with it are met with a headbutt. Its skull is extremely thick.”

“Scraaaaggy! Scraaaaggy!” Scraggy was yelling, pointing up to Keith and stomping the ground. Keith wordlessly turned to Meowth for a translation.

“Scraggy's sayin' he wants ta battle,” Meowth said. “Before he accepts bein' traded, he's gotta be sure ya got wat it takes ta handle da baddest o' da bad. His words, not mine,” he finished, rolling his eyes.

Keith grinned. “Baddest of the bad, huh?” he said to Scraggy. “Alright, if you want a battle, then a battle you'll get. Go, Meowth!”

“EH?!” Meowth exclaimed, turning to give Keith a look of horror. “Ya do know dat Scraggy is a Fightin'-type, right? And dat I'm a Normal-type?”

“Meowth, relax, you can handle this,” Keith reassured the Scratch Cat Pokémon. “Remember we did the same thing for Molly?”

“Yeah, but Molly was just a baby when she were traded to youse!” protested Meowth. “Ain't Levin spent nearly a year trainin' dis guy?!”

Scraggy folded his arms and nodded. “ScragGY!” he replied.

“...Scraggy says 'Damn straight!',” Meowth translated.

“Meowth, just get in there and do your best, OK?” sighed Keith. “You're not gonna have the advantage in all your battles, so you might as well get in some practice going up against Fighting-types.”

“Fine,” Meowth groaned. He hopped down off of Keith's shoulder, extended the claws on his front paws, and struck a pose.

Scraggy made the first move. He hitched up his “pants” and ran towards Meowth, but instead of Attacking, he skidded to a stop and turned around in place, dragging his tail along the ground and kicking up a bunch of Sand into Meowth's eyes.

“Gah!” Meowth exclaimed, frantically trying to rub the offending substance out of his eyes. “Dat was a cheap shot!”

“Meowth, use Swift!” Keith ordered.

“Right!” Meowth nodded. He spread his arms wide, and several large stars made of pure energy materialized around him, before launching themselves at the Scraggy. The Shedding Pokémon tried to dive out of the way, but the stars changed direction to hone in on their target. Keith grinned as the Swift made contact- it was one of several moves that never missed its target, no matter what. However, Scraggy seemed relatively unharmed by the Swift- as Keith got a better look, he could see that Scraggy had hitched up its “pants” all the way up to its neck, like a shield of some sort. For an answer, he consulted his Pokédex.

“Scraggy's shed skin has a rubbery elasticity to it,” droned the device. “Scraggy can pull the skin up to its neck to reduce damage from attacks.”

“Cool,” grinned Keith. “Meowth, how's the eyesight situation?”

“Ehh... not so good,” Meowth reported.

Keith grunted in frustration, before remembering a tactic he had used in one of his previous battles. “Meowth, use Water Pulse on yourself!” he ordered.

“WHAT?!” Meowth exclaimed. “Yer crazy!”

“Just trust me!” Keith shot back. “And try and aim it at your face.”

Meowth groaned in protest, but charged up an orb of water between his front paws nonetheless. Scraggy watched curiously as Meowth launched the attack at his own face, but an instant later, Meowth was able to open his eyes. “H-hey! I can see again!” Meowth exclaimed. “Da Water Pulse must'a washed away da sand!”

“Told ya,” Keith grinned. “Now use your Fury Swipes!”

“Yeah!” Meowth exclaimed, also grinning as he extended his claws once more and lunged at Scraggy. The Dark/Fighting-type responded by running in close and delivering a Punch to Meowth's head, throwing him off balance, and the aura that surrounded the fist when the move made contact seemed to Power-up the Scraggy. As Meowth climbed to his feet, Scraggy began to Dance around in place, not unlike how a Dragon would.

“Wow,” Keith murmured, clearly impressed. “Power-up Punch? Dragon Dance? Levin really has raised this thing well.”

“Scraaaaaggy!” Scraggy bellowed, now lunging at Meowth once again, this time with his Claws aglow with Dragon energy.

“Right- Meowth, Fury Swipes once more!” Keith called.

Meowth lunged at Scraggy, and as they took repeated swings at each other, their claws clashed, each always managing to block the other. However, Meowth was so focused on trying to get a single attack to land, he didn't bother to notice Scraggy's feet. If he had bothered, he'd have noticed one of the feet being aimed at Meowth's own feet. Alas, Meowth didn't realize that Scraggy had been readying a Low Kick until it sent him tumbling to the ground. This had taken Keith by surprise as well- Scraggy was clearly not afraid to fight dirty!

Capitalizing on Meowth's current preoccupation with trying to get back up, Scraggy focused hard, and a bunch of duplicate Scraggy materialized out of thin air, surrounding Meowth. Now Scraggy had used Double Team, and Meowth couldn't tell which was which.

Keith was noticing how panicked Meowth was getting, but he had an idea. “Meowth, calm down,” he said. “Jump up, then use Thunderbolt straight down!”

Meowth thought Keith was crazy. Then again, that's what he thought when Keith had ordered him to hit himself in the face with Water Pulse, and that turned out alright... Meowth jumped straight up into the air, his charm crackling with electricity. And then, he unleashed a powerful bolt of electricity directly towards the ground below. As the attack struck the dusty ground, it threw up a cloud of dust that billowed out on all sides. And, just as Keith had anticipated, the dust cloud forced each and every Double Team clone to vanish on contact. The dust cleared out as Meowth landed on the ground, and now it was Scraggy's turn to look around in astonishment, having clearly not anticipated losing all of his Double Team copies in one go!

Now Scraggy was the distracted one, and Keith decided to capitalize on it. “Now! Use Zap Cannon!” he exclaimed.

Meowth brought his front paws together, and a crackling orb of electricity formed between them. In response, Scraggy charged up a ball of sludge between his hands. The attacks were fired off simultaneously- Meowth launched the Zap Cannon at the same time Scraggy heaved the Sludge Bomb. The attacks collided in midair, and an explosion ensued, blasting Meowth and Scraggy with electricity and sludge. Once the dust settled, the result was clear- Meowth and Scraggy were both lying on the ground, barely stirring.

“I guess it's a draw, then,” said Keith. He approached his Pokémon just as they feebly got back up. “Meowth, you OK?”

“Oww... yeah, I tink so,” Meowth replied weakly.

“Scraa-aa-aaggy...” murmured Scraggy.

Keith turned to the Scraggy. “And you,” Keith added. “You're a tough one. I like that. Welcome to the team,” he said, holding out his hand to the Scraggy.

For a moment, Scraggy merely looked up at Keith. He was pretty surprised that Meowth was able to hold his own against him the way he had, but he was really surprised at how Keith kept coming up with some of his strategies. Meowth blasting his own face with Water Pulse to clear up the Sand Attack? That was just plain crazy, it took real guts and trust to pull off, and to top it all off, it friggin' worked. And stirring up dust with Thunderbolt to counter Double Team? He never would've thought of that!

“Scraaaggy,” Scraggy finally said, giving a brief nod, then shaking the hand Keith offered.

Keith grinned. “Awesome,” he said. “Now, Levin named you Raff, I believe, but if you want a new name, now would be the perfect opportunity. And I got a suggestion, too, if you'd like to hear it- how does Bart sound?”

“Scra... Scraggy!” the Scraggy nodded, unable to conceal a grin.

“He likes da sound o' dat,” Meowth translated.

“I figured as much,” Keith smiled. “Well, Bart, let's get moving- you got a lot of new teammates to meet back at the Secret Base, and believe me, I do mean a lot.”

“Yeah, he ain't kiddin',” Meowth added as he climbed back onto Keith's shoulder.

They headed off, back in the direction of Keith's Secret Base, with Bart the Scraggy walking by their side the whole way home. Much as Bart was gonna miss Levin, he had a feeling he'd warm up to life under Keith's ownership real nicely.

OOC: Trading 50 to MZ for his Scraggy. Thanks! He's in good hands.

*Trade Closed*
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