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Levin absent-mindedly gazed at the Ninetales taking in the warmth of sunlight by the clearing in front of his Base. Ever since absorbing the essences of Nyx, Skuld and Wicca, Katsune's mental voice was never heard again, and it instead behaved like a regular Pokemon - docile, obedient, devoted. Not that it wasn't the case before... but the fox made it exceedingly clear that it served Eld and the sun, which made it impossible for him to coexist with darkness, and the way he effectively got rid of three of his friends without a second thought was still a very vivid memory.

I know I can trust him, he and I share an identical Aura; Katsune would never let me down, and yet I can't seem to place my full trust in him... He killed Nyx. It might have been his destiny to do so, but even so! I... I despise the occult, Ghosts and Dark-Types were never my interest to own or understand, and maybe in a way, Katsune's soul resonates with my own in that aspect, but...

He felt exceedingly conflicted. Despite never truly understanding them or their nature, he grew fond of Nyx, Skuld and Wicca each in their own way. Perhaps he blamed himself for knowing that, deep down, he'd never be able to connect with them as he did with the others, possibly a side effect of being exposed to Eld's light for so long as a newborn - maybe, just maybe, he would never be in tune with darkness of any kind. Maybe he really was a soul of light, like Katsune implied...

He was snapped out of his musings by the unmistakable touch of his signature Pokemon. Mazo the Lucario bowed apologetically for interrupting his train of thought, but revealed he carried an important message.

The Emperor's Aura is shifting.

While at first he didn't understand the meaning, he soon picked up on Mazo's urgency; only one Pokemon peaked the Lucario's interest like this. Haou the Meditite, who Mazo always theorized would become his greatest rival upon reaching his full potential. Could it be?...

He walked outside and called out to Leon, his kindhearted Ralts. The Psychic-Type materialized next to him, and Levin dropped to one knee to deliver the news.

- Something special might be about to happen, and I think you'll enjoy watching it. I need you to take us to where Haou is training... could you do that for me, Leon?

Confused but excited at the same time, the Ralts acquiesced. Levin placed a hand on Leon's head and the other on Mazo's shoulder... and in the blink of an eye, they were in a completely different place, far away from Marble Garden.
The distinct sound of a waterfall could be heard nearby; this was definitely Haou's favourite spot. It didn't take long for the trio to find the large cascade, where large volumes of water crashed down on the rocky lake below. Standing on one of the boulders, balanced on a single foot, was the Meditite with his eyes closed. But more interestingly than that, two creatures suddenly leaped out from the depths of the lake and charged at Haou - two identical copies of itself!

This mastery of the Copycat skill is unprecedented...

- He can make them act independently from one another!

The mysterious attack allowed the user to sacrifice his own health to create flesh-and-bone doppelgangers of itself, but these clones usually mimicked the original one's actions at every turn. To see the Copycat homunculi moving and attacking on their own was something he never thought possible!

Haou nimbly dodged each strike, evading both foes simultaneously as he leaped from rock to rock, not once losing his footing on the slippery surface of the uneven stones. When one of the doppelgangers went for a Low Sweep Haou jumped up, avoiding it, while the second clone dashed forward simultaneously to strike the airborne Meditite, only to be met with a Force Palm! The gust of wind produced on contact sent the Copycat flying back and crashing into the tree right next to the spot where Levin, Mazo and Leon were watching the fight from, before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

He knows we're here.

The remaining copy recovered and moved in for a Force Palm of its own, but found itself unable to move and instead being lifted off the ground by an effortless Telekinesis. Haou gazed over to Levin, staring him in the eyes all the way across the lake, before summoning a Shadow Ball and launching it at the trapped clone, causing it to fade away in the ensuing blast.

Levin stepped out of the shadows, followed by a smiling Mazo and an awe-struck Leon. It wasn't just the Lucario who could feel what he previously described as Haou's "aura shifting"... there was something in the air here, almost palpable power, a repressed strength he last felt when delving into Kamui's mind all that time ago.

He's more than ready, but it seems as if...

- I know.

He didn't need an explanation this time around. Despite being absent most of the time, training in the depths of the forest on his own, Haou held Levin's authority in the highest regard. He wouldn't embrace the greatest change of all without his consent. The Meditite looked at Levin without saying a word, his expression the same as always, but it was clear as day to him that Haou awaited his verdict.

-... Go on. You've never been more ready than this.

With a silent nod, Haou brought his hands together in one last act of meditation. A massive burst of energy suddenly emanated from his body, all the pent-up energy he'd been holding back finally unleashed; pulse after pulse of intense chakra caused the waterfall to split, nearby trees to bend and every rock on the lake's surface to shatter. The Psychic-Type's body took on a familiar glow and his body began to change as it shone brighter. When the light faded everything quieted down, and in a moment of absolute stillness, Haou hovered above the lake motionlessly in his new form: an incomprehensibly powerful , just as Mazo had predicted almost a year before.

At last... Haou, this is your true self!

The Medicham stared blankly at his own hands for a moment, then turned his attention to Mazo and nodded. He continued to float above the lake, so effortlessly he might not even had noticed he was doing it, before dropping to walk across the water and approach Levin and the Lucario.

Such insane degree of control... What is the real extent of his power?

Haou stopped right in front of him, and in a rare moment of emotion, bowed down to his Trainer in heartfelt gratitude. Levin was sure he could communicate mentally as easily as Mazo or Zion did, but had learned not to expect words out of Haou - the Emperor had been silent from the day of his birth.

- I can't wait to see how far you can go, and how far you will take me on the road I've chosen to travel... but I'm so very grateful you decided to walk down that path along with me and all the others.

First Zion, and now Haou. I cannot afford to fall behind - these are interesting times to serve under you, Master. I long to see where you will lead us all.

Hopefully to victory, Mazo. To the ultimate victory, with you, Haou and the others right there beside me when that day comes!
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