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Trace's Log

Name: Tracy "Trace" Wilhelm
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Class: Hunter (Major - Flying / Minor - Ground / Weakness - Fire)

Appearance: She stands at about 5'7 and about 115 pounds. Her hair is a medium brown, and it stretches down to about the middle of her back. Naturally straight, it doesn't require much assistance for it to fall into and stay in place, and she sometimes puts it back into a ponytail. She has an average complexion, too dark to be pale, but not very tan at all. Her eyes are an Emerald color. When she smiles, it's more often than not more akin to a smirk, unless she's really excited or happy about something. Other than that, her face is pretty much average. She has a slim figure without much muscle, but for what she lacks in power, her endurance is up to par. Clothingwise, she prefers to wear a green or cyan colored t-shirt made from the softer material of some athletic shirts. When it gets cold, she puts on a black hoodie that has an image of Rustboro's own Stone Badge. She doesn't have any particular attachment to the gym it's from, but it's a nice token from home for her. For her lower body, she usually wears either a rather plain black skirt, with or without leggings of the same color depending on the temperature. She also wears a pair of black sweatpants with a cyan blue stripe down each side from time to time in the autumn and winter. Her shoes are just a pair of black toned tennis shoes, with the only coloration being black, darker grey, and some faded greens. She keeps a gray, waterproof cylindrical bag with her to keep her supplies in. It can be worn with either a hangover strap, putting it at her hip, or with two straps, like a backpack. She usually prefers the former for just hanging around and the latter for traveling.

Personality: Generally, she's a pretty amiable person. She doesn't go out of her way to make friends or interract with people, though, which can cause some people to view her as a bit cold initially, pretty much only addressing people when she needs something. Her most outstanding feature is probably her quick mind and strive to achieve her goals. Once she sets her mind to something, she pursues it to no end, the problem being she isn't completely sure what she wants to pursue at the moment. She typically keeps most of her feeling to herself, and as such, doesn't let people in very easily. She's often lost in thought. She's not a downer, but she's not exactly bouncing off the wall with energy unless she gets completely wrapped up in something. She can be headstrong due to her determination, so she often ends up biting off more than she can chew. She can also be pretty sarcastic about things, and she's generally pretty laid back in everyday situations.

Background: Trace lived in Rustboro City all of her life. Her parents are both employees at Devon, and as such, they were always busy working or out of town for business reasons. This left Trace to her own devices for nearly all of her life, or at least nearly all of the parts she can remember. She spent much of her time out in the city on her own, going from shop to shop, spending some time with friends in the Trainer school, and just enjoying herself, which definitely contributed to her quick wit. She also spent her springs and summer exploring the coastline and Petalburg woods. She loved the scenery in her area, and she fell in love with the feeling of seeing beauty in nature, whether it's Pokémon or just the scenery.

Back when she was about six, she came to be good friends with one of the families who lived on the coast of Route 104. As a child, she looked up to the older daughter of the house, Amy, who was at that point a seasoned trainer and would always spend time with Trace, answering any questions she'd have about Pokémon. However, when Trace was 7, Amy left Hoenn in pursuit of grander challenges in other regions, leading her to Kanto just as the disasters struck. She was never heard from again after that. Trace remained good friends with the girl's mother and father, all of them helping each other through the loss in their own way, and she sometimes traveled around Hoenn with them, helping the father with his transportation and shipping odd jobs. However, ever since the disasters struck Kanto, she's always had a fear that when her parents or Amy's parents left on business trips, that something could happen. But, there was also a growing desire in her, to one day finish and complete what had been started but not finished, if her hero ever actually fell. On Trace's 17th birthday, she decided she was going to leave home and go to Kanto, partly to search, partly to prove, and partly to help all the things that had been destroyed.

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