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Mega Madness

Weeks had passed since Keith's latest battle against his rival, Dragon-type specialist Ralph McPhione. Though Keith tended to be on relatively equal footing with the guy, the last battle was something else entirely, due to Ralph having one hell of a trick up his sleeve in the form of Mega Evolution. Indeed, Melittin, despite a definite type advantage, stood no chance against Ralph's Mega Sceptile, and suffered what had to be his worst and most humiliating loss yet.

Since then, Keith had devoted himself to not only training Melittin even further, but also to find out anything and everything he could about Mega Evolution, in hopes of being able to have that kind of power on his side for the next time he encountered the cocky Dragon-type Trainer. While this involved a lot of research on the internet and in Hermione's library, this also involved talking to Chuck. The Gengar was fairly knowledgeable, having spent eight years between his death and reincarnation wandering the spirit world and accumulating all manner of facts and secrets, and Mega Evolution was one of the subjects on which he knew some things.

"...and on the end of that staff-like thing, there was this weird gemstone," Keith was saying one morning. He was seated on the couch in the living room of his Secret Base, his Gengar floating beside him, and Meowth draped lazily over the arm of the couch. "It reacted with the larger stone Sceptile was wearing around its neck."

Chuck nodded. "The first stone you mentioned, that's called a Key Stone," he replied. "The Trainer holds that one. The Sceptile was holding one of the many varieties of Mega Stone, called Sceptilite. There's many other varieties, for each Pokémon. There's Audinite, Banettite, Charizardite- there's actually two kinds of Charizardite- Venusaurite, Beedrillite, and Gengarite, just off the top of my head."

Keith's eyes lit up. "Beedrillite, you say?" he said, a small grin forming on his face. "You mean, Melittin could possibly Mega Evolve, too?"

"Oh, yes," grinned Chuck. "I'm guessing Melittin's in the mood for revenge, then?"

"Like you wouldn't believe," nodded Keith. "Losing like he did, and to a Grass-type, no less, it was a huge blow to his pride. We've been training nonstop the past few weeks. And even if he hadn't lost like this, Mega Evolution sounds exactly like the kind of thing that Mel would be interested in anyway. I mean, he's all about being strong, getting respect, being taken seriously, y'know?"

"I do indeed," nodded Chuck. "And from what I know about Mega Beedrill, you'd be a fool to not take it seriously. Supposed to be one of the most powerful Pokémon in the world."

They continued on in this vein for some time, both unaware that a certain Pokémon had been listening in on their conversation just outside the door, and had gotten excited after hearing one of the Mega Stones Chuck had listed.


"...and one of the kinds of Mega Stone Chuck mentioned is called Venusaurite," Dennis was saying to a number of his teammates, who had gathered near him just outside the Secret Base. "Which means that I could Mega Evolve, too!"

"Wow, that's awesome!" smiled Pomona. "And you could do it, too, Dennis, you've been getting a lot stronger lately!"

"Thanks, big sis," grinned Dennis. "Of course, I gotta evolve first, before I can worry about Mega Evolving..."

"Dudley help," the Shiny Slowbro stated. "Dudley help any way Dudley can." Of course, Dudley didn't quite grasp the whole Mega Evolution concept just yet, but what he did grasp was Dennis wanting to evolve.

"Yeah, count me in, too," grinned Bellatrix, the Skuntank equally eager to help out her teammate.

"Thanks, guys," said Dennis gratefully. "I-"

"Hey, how about you forget about Mega Evolution, hmm?" came a voice from behind Dennis. The male Ivysaur wheeled around, coming face to face with a Beedrill.

"Mel, what the-" began Dennis.

"It's Melittin," interrupted the Beedrill. "I don't recall telling you you can call me Mel. Now, look- I'm not saying you don't have it in you to Mega Evolve, I'm just saying, I'd prefer it if Keith made it a priority to work on me Mega Evolving, alright? Because if I wanna knock that freakishly overpowered Sceptile down a peg- and make no mistake, I do- then I'm gonna have to get the hang of this Mega Evolution deal myself."

Leaving Dennis no time to respond, the Beedrill flew off.

Bellatrix huffed. "That Melittin... what's his deal?" she muttered.

"You can't blame him," Pomona said fairly. "I heard all about that battle, it really hurt his pride. But Dennis, don't let him get you down," she added to the male Ivysaur.

"Dudley no like Melittin," remarked Dudley. "He's a-" and from there, the Shiny Slowbro launched into a stream of such vile profanity that even the Shellder on his tail looked shocked. Once he finished, he was met with a stunned silence.

"...Well, someone's been hanging around Pisces a liiiiittle too much," Bellatrix finally said, breaking the silence. Before anyone could reply to that, however, the door to the Secret Base swung open, and Keith Masters walked out.

"Alright, let's do some training," Keith said, addressing the numerous Pokémon on the ground below. This was met with excited cheering, particularly from Melittin, who started flying in circles around Keith's head. "Heh," grinned Keith. "I'm guessing you want to go first, right, Mel?" The Beedrill nodded emphatically, buzzing for extra emphasis.

"Dat's a yes," Meowth translated, needless though it was- Keith got the point well enough regardless.

"Well, OK, then," said Keith. "Let's see... OK, Melittin, you'll be going up against..."


Keith looked down- Dennis, his male Ivysaur, had stepped forward, looking more eager than usual (and Dennis loved to battle, so this was saying something). "Well, that answers that," Keith stated. "OK. Melittin vs. Dennis. Let's do this! Meowth, you want to referee or command Melittin?"

"I'll ref," Meowth said almost immediately. Melittin had no problem obeying Keith or Helena, but he never quite warmed up to Meowth in that regard.

Within minutes, they were ready. The clearing in front of Keith's Secret Base was all cleared out. On one end stood Keith and Dennis; on the other end floated Helena and Melittin. On the side stood Meowth, who was looking back and forth between the pair of Poison-types who were currently glaring at each other. Behind Meowth, there sat Pomona, Bellatrix and Dudley, all watching the battle with interest.

"Alright, we all set?" Meowth asked. Keith and Helena nodded simultaneously. "OK, den, begin!" he exclaimed.

"Let's do this, Dennis!" Keith exclaimed. "Leech Seed, let's go!"

"Melittin, use Cut!" exclaimed Helena.

Taking aim with his flower, Dennis fired a single brown seed at the Beedrill, who responded by slashing at it with one of his stingers. The seed split in two, and fell to the ground, now useless.

"Melittin, Twineedle attack!" Helena ordered.

"Dennis, fight back with Hidden Power!" commanded Keith.

"Ivy... SAUR!" Dennis exclaimed, white-hot beads of fiery energy forming all around him. As the Beedrill flew in close, stingers at the ready, the Ivysaur unleashed the Hidden Power. The orbs of energy, burning with fiery energy that represented its user's fiery determination, pelted the Beedrill, who buzzed angrily in response, then jabbed at Dennis angrily with both stingers. Dennis grunted as he took the attack, which didn't harm him as much as it would have were he not partially a Poison-type.

"Use Razor Leaf!" Keith ordered.

"Fury Attack!" called Helena.

Dennis's leaves waved wildly as razor-sharp leaves were fired from them. Melittin, however, was more than ready- he flew right into the oncoming attack, deftly dodging the arboreal assault, jabbing with his stingers at the few leaves he couldn't fly past, and as he reached Dennis, he gave five jabs with his right stinger in rapid succession, the last of which was the most powerful of all and sent the Ivysaur rolling backwards.

"Come on, Dennis!" Keith encouraged the Ivysaur. "Double-Edge!"

"Melittin, Skull Bash!" commanded Helena.

In an instant, Dennis was back on his feet and charging forward in a reckless tackle, while Melittin shot forward, head-first, like a rocket. They met in the center of the makeshift battlefield, neither side giving an inch as each struggled to overpower the other.

"Rrrrgh... give it up," grunted Melittin. "You're... strong... but I'm... stronger..."

Dennis said nothing in response, pushing just as hard as the Beedrill was, determined to win. To the pair of Poison-types, this wasn't just another training battle. No, after what happened earlier, they were trying to prove something to each other. Melittin was fighting to prove his determination to Mega Evolve and become strong enough to take out Ralph's Mega Sceptile, while Dennis was fighting to prove that he was strong enough to Mega Evolve, and that he wasn't gonna stand down just because Melittin wanted to Mega Evolve, too.

But as Dennis struggled, he felt Melittin pushing him back. He closed his eyes as he pushed as hard as he could, but the Beedrill's Skull Bash was winning. Was... was Melittin the stronger one after all? Were the Beedrill's convictions going to win out over his own?

"Come on, Dennis! You can do it!" Pomona cheered. This caused the Skuntank and Shiny Slowbro to join in and start cheering for Dennis as well. Even the Shellder on Dudley's tail added its muffled sentiments to the mix. They weren't exactly opposed to Melittin, but they knew that right now, Dennis needed their support.

Dennis's eyes snapped open as he heard his big sister cheering for him, as he heard his other teammates cheering him on. And the effect it had on the young Ivysaur was immediate and noticeable. He dug in with his feet, and pushed Melittin back, Double-Edge now winning out over Skull Bash. He could feel the vibration as Melittin flapped his wings at the speed of a caffeinated Yanma, he could feel the Beedrill try and push harder, but he didn't care, he kept on going. He could feel strength coursing through his body like never before, and with a loud cry and a final push, Dennis's Double-Edge stopped Melittin's Skull Bash and sent the Beedrill tumbling to the ground.

"Who's... stronger... now?" panted Dennis as he looked down at the Beedrill, exhausted but happy. And then, as Melittin struggled to get up, Dennis started to glow!

"Wha- whoa!" Keith exclaimed.

"Dennis is startin' to evolve!" added Meowth.

Indeed, his body bathed in that familiar blue-white glow, Dennis grew drastically in size. He grew taller, longer, wider, his legs assuming a thickness usually reserved for tree trunks, his flower blooming spectacularly. Melittin managed to get back into the air, but could only watch in shock as his opponent evolved before his eyes. And then, at long last, the glow faded away, revealing a formidable where a young Ivysaur once stood. "SAAAAAAAUR!" roared Dennis triumphantly. This was not the first Venusaur Keith had seen- there was Ivy in the Arcane Realm, and the Venusaur in charge of the Bulbasaur evolution festival, but since this one was his own, he pointed his Pokédex at Dennis all the same.

"Venusaur, a Seed Pokémon. An evolved form of the Ivysaur," droned the device. "Uses its massive flower petals to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy."

"Heh, and you even learned a new move on top of it," Keith grinned. "Dennis, this is awesome!"

"Venusaur!" Dennis nodded.

Melittin was at a loss for words at this point. The Beedrill simply stared at the newly evolved Venusaur, but a moment later, he buzzed angrily, more than ready to resume the fight. And judging by the look on Dennis's face, so was he.

Keith grinned, just as eager to continue the fight as his Pokémon was. "Dennis! Razor Wind!" he ordered.

"Venusaaaaur!" Dennis roared as he slashed at the air with his leaves. This created a number of blades out of thin air, aimed right at Melittin.

"Melittin, use Bide!" called Helena.

The Beedrill crossed his forelegs in front of him and braced himself as blade after blade of solid air struck his body. Melittin took the Razor Wind attack, storing up the energy from each blow. And then, Melittin's eyes snapped open, he uncrossed his forelegs, and he fired off a powerful beam of white energy. Dennis groaned as he was hit with twice the power of his own Razor Wind, but stood his ground nevertheless. When the attack landed, both Pokémon looked exhausted, but they weren't down just yet.

"Let's finish this up with your newest attack, Dennis!" Keith exclaimed. "Petal Dance!"

"Venu... SAAAAAAAAUR!" bellowed Dennis, his flower taking on a harsh glow. And then, dozens, if not hundreds of large flower petals flew off of Dennis's flower, swirling around Melittin on all sides. The floral tornado enveloped Melittin, but as it dealt its significant damage, the Venusaur started to stumble around, the attack having taken a heavy toll on him, leaving him confused. With each step, the earth shook.

"Come on, Dennis, snap out of it!" Keith exclaimed. But as he said this, Dennis reared up on his hind legs, and rammed his head into the ground before him, which seemed to be the straw that broke the Numel's back as far as he was concerned. At the same time, the Petal Dance dispersed, and Melittin fell to the ground.

Meowth had seen all he needed to see. "Dennis and Melittin are both unable ta battle!" he declared. "Dis match is a draw!"

Keith gave a small chuckle. This was the kind of battle he liked best- too close to call until the very end. He walked over to his dazed Venusaur and barely-stirring Beedrill, smiling at them both. "Hey, you both should be proud of yourselves," he said. "Dennis, you were amazing, especially when you evolved. And that Petal Dance was incredible!"

"Venusaur," smiled Dennis, who extended half a dozen vines and pulled Keith into a hug as best as he could, considering how much the battle had weakened him.

"Heh... and Melittin," Keith added, once the Venusaur had let him go. "You did good, too. That Razor Wind was hitting you hard and you didn't even flinch, not to mention that Skull Bash of yours. You know," he said, now addressing both Poison-types. "I think the both of you will be able to make excellent use of Mega Evolution once I can get ahold of the necessary stones."

At this, Melittin and Dennis exchanged looks. "Heh," chuckled Dennis. "Looks like we'll both get to Mega Evolve after all."

"Seems so, yeah," nodded Melittin. "But hey, like I said, I never doubted you had it in you, I just didn't want anything getting in the way of me Mega Evolving, y'know?"

"I kinda get that, yeah," Dennis admitted. "So, we cool?"

"...yeah, we're cool," Melittin said after a moment. Dennis extended a vine, and Melittin met it with one of his foreleg stingers in the best approximation of a high-five they were able to muster.

What?  Ivysaur is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur!

*Dennis learned Petal Dance!*

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